Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The... other posts that were up on this blog and the other for some hours late last week were deleted without my reading the comments. So, if you did comment - and the two of you who did know who you are - I'm not ignoring any heartfelt sentiment or ire at my whining; whichever you may have sent. I just never saw it.

I have, however, learned my lesson, and will revert to my previous policy of keeping it to myself, save for occasional vague references.

Sorry to have inconvenienced anyone.


  1. 'Sokay. I'm just glad you haven't jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge or something! I know saying something like "hang in there" might sound lame or insincere, but coming from someone who once struggled with many issues including chemical dependencies, chronic depression and multiple suicide attempts, rest assured that I truly am empathetic, sympathetic and indeed rootin' for ya.

  2. Not to be a total sarcastic prick... but I couldn't do a swan dive off the Golden Gate if I wanted to - it's like a thousand miles from here :p

    That, and I have an annoying habit of surviving things I'm not supposed to...

    Probably not going to matter much longer. Poison in the air was so thick last night I could taste it. Couldn't taste much else... nerve agents have the most intriguing taste. It's sort of bitter and burning and numbing all at the same time.

    Couldn't breathe, chest pains, got twitchy. Amazed I woke up this morning. The nosebleed that won't go away is fun this afternoon.

    But, like I've said: not allowed to die.

  3. Nar, your just not allowed to die and not take a lot of people with you....

    the Auld Grump, joking.(If you're gonna take out a whole bunch of people, where's the fun in not being around to enjoy it....)

  4. Between hacks and coughs and doubling over in pain I may have loudly opined last night that the local humans should drop to their knees and thank whatever God they believe in that I don't have access to thermonuclear weapons.

    Of course, if I did have access I'd be a multimillionaire, and could just move away... so the whole situation is largely moot upon further inspection.

  5. ~put random comment here for laughs~

    Yeah....Not in a funny mood I guess myself so I fail at jokes. Oh Death won't take you due to a woman said no and well death bows to all females. Something about they have a upper hand in the thing called life. >.>

    No idea what took place with your other blog but I say write what you want and don't even log in to Nexus for a good awhile. Or let us handle stupid people.

    Fix number 1:

    "Fuck off idiot. If you want to bitch about something then make it yourself!!!"

    Fix number 2:

    Read fix number 1.

    Fix number 3:

    Delete key works wonders....


    Theses fixes brought to you by NosCo where you have enjoyed vaults and weapons. Please come again.

  6. David, I appreciate the vote of support.

    It was/is a family thing. Damned people who ostensibly share my blood.

    Occasionally, a couple times a year they get to me a bit too much, what with it being the same bullshit over and over for... how old am I now? Twenty-seven years, I suppose.

    Anyhow, it hits critical mass, and I either have a total breakdown or just shut down. This time was a bit of both.

    You ever watch a Chris Rock standup? He once made a reference to the whole OJ Simpson thing, said: "I'm not sayin' he shoulda killed her... but I understand."

    Well, I ain't sayin' the Menendez boys and Lizzy Borden were right... but I understand.

    Usually, I blow off steam as it were by converting money into recoil and noise, but this last odd month it's been hitting 120F under the sun out where I shoot; makes it unpleasant at best.

    Having to walk home from the court house Thursday was the straw. My brother's never been asked to so much as walk across the street. More I thought about it, more pissed off I got... the 'ol vicious cycle.

    Mostly calmed down now. Nearly dying does that. Been several years; I had forgotten how having one's body shut down will clear the mind.

    Anyhow, ended up deleting the posts 'cause it was pointless whining on my part; and gives insights into my personality and past I'm not sure I want you guys to have. Stuff I damn well don't want archived for the rest of human civilization by Google's cache servers.

  7. We'll pretend it never happened. ;)

  8. Agreed with Herculine. Tell us never to speak of it and we won't. Well then again you don't even have to ask as we won't bring it up anyway nor say a word.

  9. Alright you two, knock it off. You're starting to sound like minions, and you do not want to know the sort of things I'd do with my own army 'o evil minions.

    Granted, demonic shock troops you're not... but I'm sure I could think of something... >_>

  10. Does this mean your not going to post your "forth step" for the world to see?

  11. I still get the occasional bout of cold feet posting for you guys. I'm really not keen on posting stuff for the entire world and all of humanity down through the ages.

    If I must be remembered in history books, I'd prefer it be as a brutal tyrant and/or professional killer worthy of epic poem in true Norse tradition. Not sure I want to be in the books as that crazy guy who modded a Fallout game...