Monday, August 2, 2010

RR Companions Vault, v5.64, Upcoming

Well, due to a quite frankly horrid night, we here at the NosCo modding division have spent the morning working on the new version.

Started out working over NPCs. Most didn't require too much; since Chloe and crew were created by me - as were Sandra, Michael, and Rick - and the others had gotten a minor touchup earlier this year.

Got as far as Sunny before problems started. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Bethsoft did a pisspoor job on the african american race in Fallout 3. It is damn near impossible to get the skin one color. Random white blotches abound. Not sure what I can do with Sunny to make her not look like shit; short of switching to one of the other races that didn't get fucked up as badly, and trying to reset the skin tone to something suitably dark.

You can see here some of what I've accomplished. Left to right: top row is Joan and Jill, second row is Trish, Sylvie, and Beth. Doc Smith got a makeover as well, but I don't have a shot handy.

Haven't decided what I'm going to do about the guards. I never use them, but I have to assume some people do.


  1. Looking good!

    I know exactly what you mean about that African American skin texture, and my heart goes out to you. When I was doing the RR Scouts mod I found the faces were almost always half too light and half too dark, making all the women look bearded, and it was a real pain to adjust that without fiddling with the texture itself. I guess Bethesda expected everyone to create male characters in this case. I wish you luck.

  2. Appreciate the well-wishes, but male characters don't seem any better.

    The skin's not as bad, true... but there's only the one male face. Flat, huge jaw, massive neck tendons.

    I really miss the facegen from Oblivion. Not great, mind you... but it at least had way more options.

    What gets me with the skin tones is around the mouth. For some reason, it keeps showing up as white right at the corners, and a little spot under the chin.

    Ironically, if I was willing to declare her an albino, it would work out fine. Zombie Sunny looked pretty decent too; just not normal Sunny.

    The saving grace, of course, being that with a little tweak to Dimon99's skin texture, I can turn out as many fair skinned beauties as I like quick and easy.

    No less annoying in this case, though.