Sunday, August 29, 2010

Metaphysical Concerns

I'm not going to copy and paste this time, but I'm genuinely beginning to wonder if the forces of Ancient Darkness which I not-so-humbly serve aren't actively trying to keep me from releasing a new mod.

I got a PM this afternoon. Now, it was clear the sender wasn't a complete genetic defective - no vapid smileys, or horrific intarwebz contractions or such. But nonetheless... it was clear the sender couldn't understand my documentation at all.

The problem, it appears (I say appears, because reading the PM makes my head hurt - I'm not sure whether I just need more caffeine in my blood or not) that the problem is the pretty red diamonds again.

The sender informs me that FO3 "isn't in programs folders", and that the "candy-like button is checked" (??!!?) and that my readme says activate archiveinvalidation, but "the archive doesn't allow it"...

Now, my first reaction is that of a dog, looking at a telephone handset that has its master's voice coming out of it. "....wait, what? *headtilt*"

But my next thought is wondering how much I want to bother.

See, you guys have to understand my contrary nature. I want to help you. I really do, and I don't mind doing it. Some of you have been more than worth helping out with a minor detail here and there. You're intelligent people who just got bushwhacked by an issue that was horribly unintuitive. It happens, and you shouldn't be faulted for that.

The problem is, you intelligent folks who are worth my time, make up about 5% of the help requests I get.

The rest are people who ask for help in broken English, and who once helped I never hear from again. Literally, the only way I usually know if my fix worked is if they stop bitching at me and the channel goes silent.

This brings me to my quandary. As I've said, if I do the Tower for public release, I want to do it right.

I'm going to swap out textures for floor and walls, add scenic-view windows; I've got a whole host of freely-redistributable modders' resources - drapes, appliances, and so forth.

And I'm really wondering... how much more stupidity am I going to be making myself the target for if I release this small monster? Granted, I can offset some by packing resources into a bsa file... but that won't solve everything. When people can't even be bothered to read the instructions for how to operate archiveinvalidationinvalidated...

Granted, I'm being a nihilist again. I know that the new mod would likely connect me with some good people, as the RR Companions Vault itself has over the last year and a half.

...I just know that one of these days the demon is going to slip its leash and I'm going to tell someone to go fuck their mother in response to a bitchy PM, and I'll shortly thereafter be banned from the Nexus.

Mm... House-esque flash of inspiration. Idea for script and setup to allow scenic windows' view to change based on time of day... *scribbles notes to self*

...What was I saying, again?


  1. Well, I for one look forward to seeing such a tower. I've tried other big house mods that turned out to be nothing more than large cells full of cheat items and characters for prostitution mods, then in disappointment deleted their files, so I was of course very impressed with Vault 1 and its companion system. I'm very interested to see what you can do when not fettered by assuming someone else's hand-me-down mod. No disrespect intended toward ttomwv, of course; as I said and you already know, I love that mod. It's just that I know you're capable of so much more, Matt.

  2. Y'just gotta keep talkin' me into shit, don't ya?

    Getting a kickback from someplace are we? :p

  3. I just like to see good quality work rise above the sea of crap that's out there. Lately when I visit the Nexus it's only to see if anyone has left comments or questions at my mods and to check for PMs. I'm not seeing any new mods coming out that I want to DL; but then, I haven't really been playing FO3 lately either. Though eventually I will get around to trying some of the other mods you've supported, like CALIBR and 20th Century Weapons, just because I know if you use them they aren't crap. I might even go crazy and try that little ditty Fry1969 made...

  4. You're not the only one sick of the Nexus.


    Actually saw one that was a minigun that fired fat man nukes.

    Now I don't mean to step on any modding toes and stifle creativity, but what. The. Fuck? That's not even remotely useful or creative. It's the kind of shit a twelve year old comes up with when you let him DM.

    Did get another fun PM though. Guy wants me to make a mod where you have a car instead of fast travel. Where he got the idea that that's something I'd know how to do... Directed 'em to FWE, since it's got that motorcycle-instead-of-fast-travel "feature". Be willing to bet good money I get another PM here shortly asking if I can strip the stuff out of FWE and make it a standalone for him.

    I'm tempted to throw together a public pre-beta of the tower just to make the new files listing not completely fucking suck for a day.

  5. All right your moving forward with the tower. Whats the outside going to be like?

  6. Outside of the tower itself will likely be the same as I showed before.

    At the moment, I'm thinking there's also going to be a building on the west side of the Potomac to access it. Someplace near the boat to Point Lookout. Not sure on an exact location, yet.

    Also still have to decide whether I want to generate a new LOD so you can see the tower from the banks of the river. It's supposed to add a bunch of size, but I think given the scenic aspirations of the project it might be worth it to at least try.