Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Can't Even...

...Go insane in peace around here.

Got a PM sitting in my Nexus box. Been there since Friday afternoonish.

It is a long post, from a discontented player. I can't think of his handle at the moment, but he was rebuffed on both the main master and Refurb for trying to masterupdate.

This long PM is a wandering list of "fixes" for how I "should have done it" to make "the mod" compatible with masterupdate.

I didn't clean it "properly", you see.

Honestly, I have no fucking idea whether he's talking about Refurb or my Remodel. I have the sneaking suspicion it's Refurb, since he didn't bitch on the Remodeled file entry that I saw. Which makes me wonder.

There aren't any deleted entries to be cleaned from the master. Let alone how ever many thousands he prattled off. If it is Refurb, what in the holy hell am I supposed to do about it? It's not my goddamned plugin.

Amusingly, he then goes on to note that the furniture didn't display correctly after "properly" cleaning the plugin, but I'm still supposed to do as he says.

Guys, I don't know how much more I can do this shit.

My interest in Fallout 3 is waning as it is, and there's a constant stream of genetic defectives who don't mod themselves, but know how I should be doing it. They don't read docs, they don't read blog posts or back comments.


I haven't responded to malcontent 174,785A yet. I'll get my ass banned if I do. These last few days I haven't been able to come up with a response that doesn't somewhere include the words "and the horse you rode in on!"

Haven't even checked the file entries or Nexus at all. I shudder to think of the stupidity that's probably going on over there.

Edit: Huh. I must've been thinking of a different asshole. This one, on closer reading, is referencing my Remodel.

I can't think of any reasons it needs to be an esm... but what the fuck do I know? I've only been modding FO3 twenty odd months...

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