Saturday, August 21, 2010


PM: "where is angela staley?"

NosCo Reply: "I hide things like that in the readme:

"Angela Staley companion can be found in Rivet City's Stairwell." "

PM: "thanks dude i was having trouble finding it, i never thought to check the readme xD"

...Some days, I just want to curl up into a ball and cry...

Humanity is so fucking fucked at this point that it isn't even funny anymore.


  1. Yeah....I could not even answer that without hitting the delete key. People fail to help themselves in this day and age so many times.

  2. I try not to be a total prick and just delete the stuff out of hand, but some days it's so hard...

    I think the worst part is ending with the vapid smiley; like that makes everything okay.

    It's a shame I can't give them the same stare over the internet that I do in real life. That always wipes away the smile.

  3. In response to this I was tempted to go to the comments thread for your mod and type the question: "Is this a companion mod?" followed by a vapid smiley, but I've decided that this will be the day I will give you a break from my sense of humor.

  4. Still say (both) of you should have a hall of shame faq that you two get.

  5. @Herculine: Wow, someone's magnanimous. Get to be the seme today did we?

    And on that note: LOOK! AURORA BOREALIS! *FLEE!*

  6. @David: I could, but have you read the comments on the files? The PMs I get are the ones that are too dumb to be displayed there.

    There's like six of you who have the decency to not be stupid in my general direction when you PM me.

    It'd be a huge wall 'o shame.

  7. Fortunately they don't fill my PM box with that stuff too often; they shamelessly ask right there on the mod's comments thread for all to see. Today I got one of Matt's favorites:

    "I'm having a problem when running the mods though, all the characters (And I mean ALL of them) get a huge diamond with a exclamation point in the middle. Does anyone know how I can get rid of that effect?" which I succinctly replied:

    "You're missing a texture and/or mesh. One of the required resources has not been properly installed, probably the hair."

    ...though maybe I should have instead wrote:

    "Virtually every mod in existence comes with a README file explaining how to install it. Those files are called README files for a reason."

    (Matt, feel free to use that one whenever you like.)

    (Oh, and I had to Google seme to find out what it means LOL.)

  8. I was afraid it might go a tish over your head, not knowing how deep you've been exposed to Otaku culture (not very, apparently); but what the hell, I wasn't going to let a perfectly good perverse crack go unsaid.

    ...I should probably change that policy at some point... but it's worked for me thus far.