Monday, August 16, 2010

Never. Ends.

Dinner last night makes me sick, wake up this morning (hey, 11:30 is still technically morning) feeling like a walk-on from a Romero flick, open up the RR Companions Vault file entry to check comments, and there it sits.

Let's see.

Problem no one else has ever reported? Check.

Broken English? Check.

Complete lack of useful detail? Check.

...What's this? A bonus? A repeated, vehement denial of using any other plugins and insistence on a "clean savegame"? My bullshit sense is suddenly tingling.

Nevermind that "dirty" saves don't usually influence dialog.

Pisser of it is that I can't think of any plugins off the top of my head (even written by me) that alter that dialog menu. Unless it's some weird combination of a 'merge patch' made for pre-v5, coupled with a new version of the master?

Hell, I don't have enough caffeine in me for this today...

Edit: NeilUK02 pointed out that the health system reset and stay commands are in different sub-menus. I opened the GECK real quick to verify this, and he's right.

You know, between this "one world" crap resulting in nobody speaking friggin' English anymore, and the fact that I apparently don't give enough of a shit to remember basic details about my own mod anymore...

Well, it ain't shaping up to be a great day.

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