Thursday, August 12, 2010


I hate them.

I rarely turn Trillian on these days, because no one on my contact list can be bothered to speak to me, and I can be ignored just as effectively without wasting the CPU time.

Still, when I do turn it on Trillian has been bitching in my general direction for the last few weeks about my version of AIM not being any good after the 16th.

Finally decide to break down and update. Despite updating, it still bitches. So I hit their web site and see that despite the program saying I'm up to date, I'm actually like ten versions behind.

Get the new one, let it install, tell it I don't want the stupid, worthless toolbar, and go to fire it up.

Now, over the years I've collected accounts with AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, and a couple others.

I can remember the passwords for exactly zero of these.

After much swearing and threatening of the computer, I finally get logged into all but the Windows Live/MSN account. It won't take my password no matter what I do - which I find odd, because I just logged into the damned account with it via web page a few minutes previous. But, fine, whatever; I don't know anyone who still uses the damned thing, anyway.

Get it all running, and find out that I have exactly zero messages awaiting me; save in my old Yahoo account, where I have: one friend request from a spambot, one spam email, and two emails from Yahoo regarding the Personals listing of mine that was supposed to have been deleted in 2001. Why they keep telling me it's about to be deleted is beyond me. I deleted the damned thing myself years ago.

I'm not sure whether or not to consider this entire episode pathetic.

Though I will say: you fuckers from Canuckistan who keep spamming me about your mail order pharmacies with cheap Viagra, Cialis, and other getter-upper pills? GO AWAY! I'll never buy them. I don't even need them.

Now, you figure out a legal way to ship me twelve hour Sudafed without my having to deal with an asinine registry? Then we'll talk.


  1. My favorites are the e-mails like:

    "Greetings! I am Mbwiwie Wimbiwie in Buxwannatwie Africa. A tourist has just died, leaving behind trillions of dollars and I must send it to YOU. Please send me ALL your personal information immediately."

    But then, looking at porn will get you that, I suppose.

    But yeah, the male potency spam is annoying me too. They could at least check the gender of who owns the e-mail account!

    AdultFriendFinder spam bugs me too.

    But oddly enough I've yet to complain about BoobMail... :P

  2. Or the "I have sent you my photo like you asked. Just click the link to see it." Type emails and Im's.

    And I can say I have yet to see anything from Boobmail....

    All in all Messengers are a waste in cpu and time. Yup.

  3. @Herculine: You know, I have to confess I never did fall for the Nigeria scam, even when I was new to the internets. I remember reading through it where prince clickyclickymbutu wanted me to take elebenty billion dollarses to hide from the authorities, and thinking "Wait a second; isn't this tax evasion? That's how they got Capone..." Some kind of illegal, at the very least. I don't know about anyone else, but I know I personally don't have any friends in the .gov to call to get me out of shit like that.

    Gender checks on spam would be nice, I suppose... but it would preclude hearing things like: "Penis enhancer? I don't even have one!" Which never ceases to make me giggle insanely.

    I know not of this boobmail of which you two speak. But, I keep a fairly low email profile these days, so don't get much spam except in the Yahoo box... which all seems to be pharmacy ads.

    @David: Those are fun too. I got to the point where I just ignore email/messages/friend requests from anyone whose name I don't recognize.

    They used to be useful, when people actually communicated that way. Now it's all twitter and crap.

  4. Oh... maybe BoobMail is something I get voluntarily. I forget now... XD :P

  5. It does sound like something that would be opt-in, yes.

    Can't you torrent your pr0nz like a normal person?

  6. Well, as you of all people know, I'm not the most computer-savvy girl around. I only figured out how to copy and paste this year. Torrents just look like text documents to me and I can't figure out what to do with them. :(

  7. As I of all people know? What part of I'm NOT a stalker did you miss the other day? You think I keep detailed notes on everything you've ever mentioned in conversation with me? (ignore that nondescript notebook on my desk by the way)

    Here, try these:

    Wikipedia description of Torrent files and Utorrent - my favorite client

    I leave it up to you to find trackers. I pretty much quit torrentz0ring after the second legal threat came in. Alls I can tell you is be careful if you decide to l33ch copyrighted pr0nz. The Pirate Bay is a great resource of files, but it's also monitored by a bunch of enforcement agencies and lawyer-y type peoples.

    Though they do distribute legal files. I don't advocate copyright infringement, always respect the rule of law, etc, etc, and other statements of covering my ass in general.

  8. Oh... so you need a program to read them. I see. Duh! The Utorrent GUI looks a lot like Filezilla's (just learned how to use that this summer as well). Maybe I'll play around with it later. And yeah, I know there's a lot of illegality locked away in torrents so I probably won't experiment with it too much at first. Thanks for the info!

    And I'm really disappointed that you've fallen behind in your chronicling. How are you ever going to write my biography with that kind of attitude?

  9. Well I would keep trying, but you clammed up. Figured I touched a nerve or something so backed off.

    Really, you don't have to elaborate about the time in Brazil with the two transsexual hookers, the donkey and the case of tequila...

    ...KIDDING! Really, don't hit me; I just have a fucked up sense of humor and have watched too many Dave Attell standup specials!

  10. I always enjoy a good laugh with you two here even if I am the quiet little guest in the shadows. Torrents are fun little things but a pain to start one.

  11. On another note...Why can't you and Herculine just code a better game then Fallout 3?

  12. Well, I can't speak for Miss Herculine, but I know I'm not a coder.

    I can script, yes; but there's a world or six of difference between writing a script in an existing framework, and writing your own framework.

    Further, I'm pretty much worthless at 3D modeling, and can't create textures worth a damn. Edit, yes - create, no.

    I'm also twenty-seven and have no connections in 'the biz'. They don't want coders who are nearing thirty and opinionated. They want eighteen year olds who are fresh out of college and do what they're told.

  13. Ditto on the lack of coding and 3D modeling experience.

    Ditto on the lack of connections in 'the biz'.

    Ditto on doing what I'm told.

    But give me a game and a level editor/construction set, and maybe I can do something...