Sunday, August 1, 2010

Followup Stupidity

"Ah yes, the RRCV1.esm is just me abbreviating the name of your master, the RR Companion Vault, sorry. I re-installed and didnt use the 20th Century weapon's mod and it seems to work fine now."


Somebody wanna do your 'ol buddy Nos a favor and shoot me in the fucking head? Please? Just once; right in the brainstem.


  1. *snicker*

    No wonder it sounded familiar to you...

    *snicker* *poking with stick*


    FEAR ME AND MY DEADLY CLAWS- No, wait; I trimmed my nails yesterday...

    Nah, I seriously think I've heard that esm name before, but it's been a year plus. I can't for the life of me think of the mod it was connected to.

    Suppose it's coincidental, now.

    Hell, could've been Oblivion for all I know. My memory is shoddy and jumbled, at best. Damned brain damage.