Monday, August 2, 2010

It Continues...

"How do you get people in jail?"

My response: "Doing double the posted limit in a construction and/or school zone and then mouthing off to the cop that pulls you over usually does the trick."

And what do I hear from the redhead next to me? "Wow, you are an asshole."

Fucking duh.


  1. Here's one for you:

    "Having a little problem..i installed all the requirements but when i try to go into the game it immediately crashes to desktop...Can you show me what your load order is?"

    My reply:

    "My load order is not what is making your game crash; what we need to look at is YOUR load order. Post it and maybe we can try to help you."

    Matt, I understand your pain more and more each day...

  2. No offense Kiddo, but you really don't.

    I first hooked up with the RR Companions Vault in May I think it was, of '09.

    Survive a year of this with what's left of your sanity intact and we'll consider you fully understanding.

    It boggles the mind just how dull-witted and all-round inattentive these people are.

    I seriously wonder some days how they can even boot a computer up, let alone use it.

    And considering I just had to show someone how to remove half of the useful features in my companion script, I really wonder why they come to me, instead of just using SCC and its complete lack of features in the first place.