Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My life.

I come up with a great idea to expand the usefulness of CM. A set of six spells, that each recall one of your companions.

This works, because six is the most Oblivion will accept in a party at one time.

Get my effects made up. Quest script set up. Figure out the result script from dialog to set the companion in question to one of the slots without having to call an explicit reference - and thus allowing plug 'n play capability with all CM-series companions.

Add the set dialog to the main CM dialog quest, hit save...

...and the fucking CS crashes.

Restart CS, recreate dialog, save again. Crash again. Obviously, it has some mystical fucking issue with my trying to alter the CM quest.

How could my day get worse? Well, the spiffy new heart condition I was given on Friday seems to be helping my outlook on life...

Edit: And I can't even add dialog to my own quest or the CS crashes. Lovely all around.


  1. You have the most recent version of the CS? Try uninstalling and then reinstalling it. And there might even be a patch for it. Does it crash only when you try to save your work? Maybe try saving the file in a different location, a different HD. Seems like I had similar problems when I first tried to run the CS... or was it the GECK? If I remember how to fix it you'll be the first to know.

    It's all my fault for encouraging you to get back into it...

  2. Not your fault.

    Well, okay, maybe a little. But it's okay; my choice on what to work on.

    Haven't had any other save crashes with the thing - it seems to be specifically related to dialog. Changing other details of quests didn't cause any issue.

    I seem to recall the issue being mentioned before, as well... but I can't remember exactly. I'll have to dig around.

    It was 0600 though, and life isn't conspiring to put me into a mood conducive to thought lately; what with the new facet to the heart thing I discovered this morning.

  3. Tried starting the CS with OBSE enabled.

    Would let me add the new dialog without an issue, but when I add a resultscript to make the dialog, y'know... DO SOMETHING it crashes on save.

    Checked, do have the latest version.

    Only thing to do is keep testing random shit until something works, I suppose.

  4. Speaking of OBSE... is it the normal version of CM Partners or the OBSE version. Probably doesn't matter if you're still getting the crash with OBSE, but I'm just talking myself through a thought process I guess.

  5. Yes it is, which is why I thought the OBSE loader might help. There were no failures to compile... but I never know when or how a Bethsoft toolset has its panties twisted. Figured it was best to cover all options.

  6. This is more of a question rather than a suggestion because I've never actually tried it myself, but are there other programs that could be used to edit scripts and such? Will Wrye, GECKO or the like do it?

  7. Possibly. Tes4Edit and Wryebash can both edit dialog, but I don't know how/if they do result scripts; which is the crux of the issue here. GECKO I'm not familiar enough with to say.