Friday, October 8, 2010

Nos' Tower - More Headaches

Got the observation walk installed around the middle floor of the penthouse along with the two doors that lead out onto the terrace. Area for sinks and toilet are in. Sauna room is in, as is the bath.

Already, my interest in this project is waning.

Was working outside, and saw that my "backup" of the plugin left over from the game crash and reinstall earlier this year wasn't current. It was an old version, where the exterior of the tower wasn't aligned correctly, isn't navmeshed, and is sitting on the edge of the map border; so that you can't even get to the south half of the terrace.

Aquarium and bath don't work. No matter what I do, the water won't show any surface texture. It just glows, obscenely reflective. Had this happen before in the V1 Remodel, and fixed it. Applied the same fix here... and it does nothing.

I remember now why I've been neglecting my modding. This shit is nothing more than an exercise in frustration, whereby one beats their head against the wall until the game decides to work, or they pass out.

On the up side, I found out last night that I can still rework the action on a bottom-end AR15 to feel slicker than top shelf Colt, so there is that. Pointless to you people, obviously, but something I'm proud of being able to do.

Going to grab something to eat, and then I suppose I'll start banging my head against the fucking wall again.


  1. I would wait until New Vegas comes out next week, and then build your tower in the Strip. The new building objects, textures etc would give you loads of inspiration.

  2. Three slight problems with your theory:

    1) My PC won't run New Vegas.

    2) I'm not buying a new PC.

    3) My interest in starting over modding an entirely new game is sitting somewhere slightly less than zero, at present time.

    Other than those, I agree it would be a better plan all around.

  3. I'm gonna wait until I can get New Vegas on Steam for $5.00.

  4. You do realize we'll all be living in an actual nuclear wasteland by then, yes?