Thursday, October 14, 2010

Still Got It

Decided to hop back into the Oblivion Construction Set this evening, to see if I couldn't help Miss Herculine out with a CM issue.

...Well, I couldn't. As is my usual lot in life, I couldn't get the problem to manifest.

Damn you, reliable game installs!


Anyway, to do this, instead of using one of my known-good companions, I opted to create a new one from scratch.

I (very briefly) considered attempting to recreate the Little Fairy herself... but I'm trying hard to not be That Creepy Guy, so instead I brought Aribeth (of NWN fame) across into Cyrodiil.

Total work time: about forty-five minutes, including one CS crash and the resulting re-do of the work; refinements to the face (why, oh why, does Oblivion try to give elf women chins like that kid from Mask?!), and screenshot taking.

Also played a bit with pose mods. Also got a chuckle from the screenshots themselves. Numbers started at Screenshot10. In FO3 I'm well over eight hundred. You can tell which game I've been more active in sharing stuff about.

Probably won't upload the companion. Not happy with the hair or eyes - used game defaults instead of something from Ren's beauty pack - and of course I'm not sure on the face, totally. Character detail in NWN is spotty at the best of times, so I had to go by artwork, and of course every artist envisions her differently...

Still, nice to see I've still got the Oblivion touch, as well.

Now if I can just resist the urge to rip the sound files and complete the companion...


  1. Matt, though I've thanked you privately, you deserve public thanks as well. Every time I jump the gun, worried about some issue that seems totally devastating and perplexing at the time, you never hesitate to try to help. And when it turns out that I've totally overreacted and there really wasn't anything wrong after all, you very politely refrain from calling me a moron even though I feel like I deserve it. Thanks for being a Lord Of Darkness who is also a gentleman with class. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to help me solve the issue, or at least figure out that maybe it's not an issue after all.

    And I totally know what you mean about the face-gen in Oblivion. While doing the companions for FO3, it was actually fairly easy to come up with pretty faces for the default races with the GECK. In Oblivion that's virtually impossible without spending hours or perhaps days working on a single face. That's why I tend to work with custom races that use different head meshes. The chances of creating a good looking female character are a heck of a lot higher.

    And if you were to do a virtual representation of me I really wouldn't find it all that creepy (unless of course you have some actual photos of me lying around that I don't know about -- that would be kinda Robin-Williams-One-Hour-Photo-ish). I know I've mentioned having some semi-stalker issues in the past, but those people were cut from a totally different cloth IMHO. I really don't believe you fit that mold.

  2. Aw, hell, like I said before: I was looking for an excuse to fire the CS up and at least wade in - if not do a swan dive. Helping you out was as good a reason as any.

    Though I do want to say for the record I'd gladly call you a moron if I thought you were one. But I don't, so there's no reason to. Every time you run into a problem that turns out to be nothing, there are equal odds it could turn out to be something massive and potentially game-breaking. With Oblivion and Fallout 3 there are no small bugs; just ones that don't fuck over your game this time. Staying calm and taking your scientific method approach if the right way to do it; I think we all just need a sounding board sometimes to help work stuff out. If I can do that for you? I'm happy enough to do it.

    I actually cheated a bit with my face gen in Oblivion. I installed a new texture pack that removes much of the suck from the faces. I ended up downloading three and keeping the best of each individual race among the packs. I can dig up the links for them if you want.

    And no, I don't have any photos of you. My agent network in Ohio is sadly lacking. If you'd like to donate some to the cause, however, I'd happily accept.

    (how was that? any creepier?)

  3. Reminds me, I was working on a quest mod (Sort of a Jabba meets Mustang ranch meets Yojimbo over the last 5 months, been really slow trying to learn things from scratch, think I will upload the characters I made as RR companions though as at this point I may wait till FONV and build it there. Right now they sort of stand still as statues in the cell I made but I think at this point I'd rather they see sort of the light of day, who knows if I'll ever finish the quest mod.

    Kudos to you and your work. I was considering whether to make them EZ companions, random NPC's as eyecandy, or something functional, but your blogs and works of others (Herculine, the Brooke companion guy, etc.) made me decide they probably belong as RR companions.

  4. Well, Singlar, I'm admittedly biased on the subject, but I like to think we who hang around the RR series of mods have the best little group of companion makers going, and we'd of course be happy to have you join.

  5. Nice to see Lady Aribeth again, even if it is in Oblivion.