Monday, October 25, 2010

Screenshot Time, 10-25

Still can't find that damned archive to upload (I wonder, did it camouflage itself? Has my OS been learning tricks from other games?), so I figured I'd share a couple screenshots that presented themselves in the course of testing; but that I didn't show off already for some reason or other.

First off, a not-new companion. This one I would actually be willing to share... but I can't. Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell fame - more commonly known as "The Major". The upload issue is the armor. I maaaay have sort of acquired it from one of those weird Japanese mod databases where they do things with the Shojo race that most of us don't even want to know about. Consequently, I don't have - and don't know of anyone to contact to get - permission to reupload the files. This has historically gotten files deleted from the Nexus in record time; and let's face it I'm too much of an asshole to be wasting my strikes on this sort of thing.

...And is it just me, or did they totally dress her like a whore for SAC?

Moving on.

While in the course of testing 5.64 Beta 3, I found I needed two sets of companions. One from the main master (Jill, in this case), and one from a satellite (my companions pack), to test the plug 'n play-ness of the script edits I'd made.

With my personal companions already in tow, this led to some interesting looking groups... like, say... both iterations of Maeva in one party.

I feel sorry for Jill there in the back.

A bit later, I turned around and saw this:

...Some days, I lament the epic battles that faction settings prevent taking place.

My interest was piqued looking closer, though. I got to looking at the two side by side, closer, and noticed they appear to have evolved differently.

It may just be armor, but the two in the second screenshot don't even appear to stand exactly the same anymore. Armor preferences are slightly different; and the Maeva from my companions pack had spawned herself a grenade launcher, despite being only level five.

You can also see, in this first shot, Special Maeva keeps her eyes on me, while Shared Maeva doesn't. Noticed the same behavior on Jill; that she was staring off into space and paying no particular attention to anything when we weren't moving.

Makes me wonder, for about the millionth time just what the hell is going on in that game engine... and more to the point, how can I track and control it?


  1. I'd buy a ticket to the Shared Maeva versus Demonic Maeva match. Heck, if you could make it a three-way with Oblivion Maeva as well, I'd help you sell the tickets.

  2. Much as I like Oblivion-Maeva... sword does not beat shotgun, and it sure as hell doesn't beat grenade launcher.

    Not that I don't occasionally entertain the notion of kitting her up with metal armor and a super sledge, just as a throwback. But then she y'know... points that shotgun at me, and I forget the idea again.

  3. Nice screenshot of Motoko Kusanagi; I've seen the original Ghost in the Shell and vaguely remember that she ended up a little girl at the end of it, due to pretty much destoying herself fighting some kind of monster.

  4. As more of an anime aficionado than I care to admit most of the time, I could prattle off exactly how she ended up in that body; why; and how stupid I think they were for getting rid of the perfectly good soldier body and replacing it with that stripper body for Stand Alone Complex and the second movie...

    ...But I suspect that would bore the hell out of you, Miss Michelle, so I shall instead say thank you for the compliment.

  5. Anime creators sometimes do strange things with their creations. You have inspired me to try my hand at recreating some from Armitage; Naomi Armitage. Ever seen that one?

  6. Oh, wow, old school.

    Yeah, saw the first and third one, and... Dual Matrix, I think was the name of the last one?

    Good luck finding that hair style. You'll probably have to compromise and pick something 'close enough'.

    Could certainly turn out cool, though.