Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nos' Tower - Headaches

Designing the Penthouse suite proper - not just a test cell mockup - and am being forcibly reminded how long it's been since I did this.

Have the basic ideas on what I want in there... but how do I lay it out for optimum aesthetic value and least confusing navigation?

This is going to be a complex cell, so if I'm not careful it'll end up looking rather hodgepodge and amateurish.

Hell, it'll most likely be amateurish anyway. An architect I ain't on the best of days, let alone when running on a bit over three hours' sleep.

I'm reduced to laying the design out on a piece of paper, in the hopes of avoiding trying as I go and ending up tearing down and rebuilding the cell four or five times - which is usually how I get a feel for what I'm working on.

Me 'an my bright ideas...


  1. Paper? What's that? Some form of primitive, non-digital media perhaps?

    Seriously, planning on paper first is a great idea. When I did all those companions I had all the details written out on notebook filler sheets first. It was the only way I could keep it all organized. Tearing everything apart in the editor indeed would really suck!

  2. Yea verily, some of us older folks doth need the assistance of the stately papyrus from time to time; to aid our befuddled minds in complex thought.

    You shall understand when you cross the big two-five and your years of wild hedonism begin to catch up to you.

    Okay, maybe it was lead fumes, stimulant abuse, and sleep deprivation... but still.

    Actually, while there is a notebook over on one of the bookcases someplace, I don't use it for modding. I keep a Post-It pad on my desk, and scribble down whatever's on my mind that I don't want to forget. In days gone by it wasn't unusual to see nine or more of them stuck to my desk above the computer monitor.

    I still need to work on the textures (mask and flood fill ain't gonna cut it after all, damn it!), but the room is coming together well enough. Is planned to be a three-floored suite. Bedroom on top; foyer, terrace access, and elevator access in middle, and torture chamber and orgy room on bottom...

    ...No, wait, those last two are from a different project...

  3. Damn. I was really looking forward to using the tortured orgy chamber...

  4. No, no. Two separate areas. I'm not a total sicko...

    ...That does sound somewhat interesting though.