Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Still A Bad Man

Alright, Kids. 5.64 Beta 3 is tested and whatnot, but after the events of this evening, I'm not in a sharing mood anymore.

Urge to mod is pretty well gone. Urge to upload mods even lower.

So. I'm going to go work on my AR-15 or something and watch some more Vandread, and await the inevitable contact from the Nexus moderators when this butthurt little bastard goes reporting me for not giving what he's "owed".

I could rebut the accusations. Denote how the RR Companions Vault can't break your game. How your save isn't corrupted; and simple uninstallation of the mod will restore everything to working order. How you downloading a file I uploaded for free doesn't mean I owe you a damned thing.

But you know what? Fuck it. I'm getting too old for this bullshit.


  1. If he doesn't understand that throwing a tantrum over an issue like that is childish, maybe he needs to grow up; it's not like Trish and the Doc don't sell stimpacks or something.

  2. This isn't my first brush with the culture of entitlement.

    People have it in their heads that your only reason for existing as a modder is to cater to their every whim.

    Generally they have the decency to piss off after a few days; but this guy seems more adamant than most. Must've read one of those self-help books about being an alpha male as the key to getting what you want in life.

    And you guys wonder why I ain't keen on starting all over in New Vegas.

  3. I've seen it happen too; FO3 is the third game I've modded for recently and I've encounted my share of self-centered nitwits in the past 3 years.

  4. To be honest I don't see why the admins would contact you. I think you handled the situation in a diplomatic and level-headed manner considering what I imagine you had wanted to say to the guy. If anybody should be picked on by the admins it should be me and that guy for running our mouths.

  5. @Herculine:

    Mayhaps true... but you'll notice that even when I manage to diplomatically infer someone has an Oedipus complex, I don't tend to be overly nice about it.

    Anyone with sense should be able to tell when someone is using the letter of the rules to defeat their spirit.

    I have to keep assuming that I'm eventually going to get in trouble for not being nice to stupid people, even if I do manage to avoid giving in to my proclivity for vulgarity.

  6. An interesting tidbit I found in the Nexus forums relating to yesterday's file comment nitwit:

    "You have been assessed a strike for being a nuisance in the chat room:

    Chat spam and harassing other members is not allowed, and excessive rudeness is just rude."

  7. Ah... so he's a jerk everywhere... or at least everywhere on gaming sites. It's amusing how anonymity has a tendency to make people very bold on the internet, when in real life just talking to Matt would make a guy like that crap himself.

  8. Update: it seems the strike didn't phase him; he's been banned and DarkOne himself did it.

  9. Well so much for my paranoia about being in the wrong here.

    Jeez, a guy spends a day passed out in bed and completely missed the hand of an angry God at work...

  10. Indeed! Behold! The Hand Of God shall smite thine enemies! Justice shall be served upon the Righteous and Vengeance shall be served upon the Heretics! To the Faithful He lends His Shield but lo the Blasphemers shall feel His Sword! Nay, tempt not the ire of The Almighty, for His Wrath is swift and true! Cower in the path of His thunderous anger, for like a great storm it shall wash over the land!

  11. ...I'm not sure whether to be impressed or worried with you right now, Ms. Granger.