Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nos' Tower - More Progress

Good news and bad.

Looking like the windows are going to have to be removed. They just don't work. My idea to retexture a planetarium dome didn't work out, and I can't get the flat objects to light up correctly or look like they have any sort of depth.

This was the best result I managed to get:

Which, of course, looks like a screenshot stuck in a window.

Am thinking right now I'm going to remove the windows, and rework the border hallway to serve the museum purpose. Rather than windows, there will be alcoves with mannequin pedestals or weapons cases or such; for the displaying of items. The doors out to the terrace will remain.

Although the GECK is once again showing it's horrid coding, and isn't handling the outdoor navmesh correctly. It refuses to connect the east side of the terrace to the navmesh on the other three sides. Why? I have no fucking idea whatsoever.

Also made some headway on the bath and aquarium.

Tried a new color for the water in the bath, and got the reflections and refractions set up:

Still don't like the color. I still say the water needs at least a minor blue tinge...

And I got the basics of the aquarium installed, and lit in a way that does not offend my eyes at least:

The remaining problem being that I can't get the water to be murky or refract through that pane of glass. I'll try playing with the position of the water itself and see if that helps.

I'll also say it would really be nice if Bethsoft hadn't gone fucknuts overboard with the desolation bit. There's next to nothing for plants in the base FO3 game. All the trees are skeletal; there's really only a few flowers (which don't do underwater well), and those cave fungus things. Fish would have also been nice.


  1. Suddenly I don't seem to be having much luck either. You'll see the PMs...

  2. Clearly, the universe hates us.

    Have you remembered your sacrifices? I think I may be behind on mine.

    Quick! Someone find me a virgin while I get my ceremonial dagger...

  3. Damn, I knew I had forgotten to do something today...

  4. Oh, so many jokes I could make at this point.

    But no, I'm going to be a good boy and just keep installing Oblivion mods, instead.