Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nos' Tower - Bedroom V1

Behold, I bringeth thee screenshots!

Bedroom cell isn't finished by a long shot, but I've got the basic layout complete, and thought you might like a look.

Gods know I've got to do something to keep people interested, since I seem to be down to the two readers and all. Forums, maybe?

Eh; concern for another time.

This is the elevator, which will lead from the lobby/main floor/whatever it ends up being called up into the penthouse.

Stairs leading down to the floor where the bathing and general relaxation facilities will be located.

Stairs leading up from the foyer to the sleeping area proper.

One of the features of the sleeping area: a contrasting white marble aquarium. Will eventually be stocked with plants, real imitation rocks, and some minilurks - cause I think the little bastards are cute. Haven't decided whether a pure, white light would be best, or something more towards the indigo end of the spectrum; ala a tropical fish tank. 'Lurks don't need such things judging by how they inhabit metro tunnels and such, but it is a neat effect.

Door to the walk-in closet. Closet is four room pieces; or about two meters square.

Wider shot of the sleeping area floor. You can see I haven't installed the handrail yet. Aquarium on the left, the small hallway on the right leads to the closet, and will have an alcove for the display of something. Still deciding between a statue, or a mannequin pedestal to let the player display what they like.

Back in the foyer; as seen from the base of the stairs that go up to the sleeping area. It will be stocked with furniture, pillars, varied accouterments, and so on. Probably a radio, too.

The gray areas off to either side are the aether of nothingness that exists outside the room pieces in the game engine. In other words, I've been too damned lazy to get that part built on just yet. The two paths will lead to a bordering passage that encircles the foyer, and will be lined with windows showing off the outside pretties - assuming the whole thing doesn't blow up in my goddamned face (which now that I've mentioned it to you, it almost certainly will).

As you can see, much work still needs to be done on the lighting; but it is improving bit by bit.

I've still got quite a few things to import into the mod. Chandeliers, appliances, drapes. I think I'll either set up some new rugs, or re-use the ones from the Remodel. I kind of like those; but I'm thinking I may want to dig around for better resources.

You know, setting up a three-story cell is more work than I thought it was going to be.


  1. I agree that the white aquarium looks too plain. Some subtle mood lighting would be nice, but only gentle colors and brightness since it is the bedroom. Now, I haven't done too much (well, actually nothing) with actual cell modifications in FO3 (just unreleased Oblivion stuff), but I wonder if there is a way to make the colors of the lights slowly change in there? That would be extremely cool for a bedroom.

  2. I think the aquarium will look better when it's got stuff in it. Right now you can't really see the water, so it's just a white room behind a window.

    The changing lights... It's teeeeechnically possible, but there's no such effect in the game engine as it stands. It could be simulated by running the lights on quest scripted timer, that shifts between lights on a pre-set schedule. It wouldn't be a soft dim/brighten progression like a rheostat produces; more like some types of Christmas lights I've seen.

    Problem is whether it's worth the effort. It would be cool, yes... but we're talking about a lot of setup time, and the Gamebryo engine has a nasty habit of losing its damned mind regarding long-term timers, so I'm not sure if it would keep working in perpetuity if you stayed in the cell for ten or twenty minutes.

    Could be interesting to try, though; especially if you add in a multi-hue progression.

  3. Yes, it would definitely have to be a gradual transition between each color; blinking "Christmas tree" lights would just make the place look like a cheap brothel. But if it's gonna be a shit-load of extra work don't do it just because I suggested it. Who would be more foolish: the fool or the fool who follows the fool?

  4. More foolish? I think the one who goes: "Not foolish; that's BRILLIANT!"?

    Still I hate to throw away ideas out of hand.

    While blinking whore-red lights is an idea with camp value, I was thinking more like scaling down the power of the lights every few seconds.

    Say, 256 power; then in five seconds 225, then ten later 200, and so on and so on. If you used small enough steps, the effect would be a sliding progression as far as your eye is concerned.

    What remains to be seen is just how small the progressions would need to be - and thus how many lights you'd have to cycle through - to get a semi-smooth result.

    Especially interesting if you get two or three complimenting colors, and run their respective progressions out of sequence by a few seconds, so that the color balance - and thus overall hue - shifts back and forth as the whole mess brightens and dims.

    ...Or so my theory goes. Haven't tested yet, so who knows...

  5. I need to start thinking about what kind of companions I'm gonna fill the place with. I know the Tower mod itself won't require the RR mod, but as an option for people who use both I've got to create some peeps! Now, let's see... I've done schoolgirls, androids, the Tenpenny housekeeping staff and even some slaves and Dukov groupies... I'm not sure where I want to go next.

    Anybody got any suggestions or requests?

  6. [Insert suggestion here that is vaguely witty and has some thinly veiled perversion]