Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nice Guys

"how can i fix the infinite stimpack loop
when companion gets hurt it keeps asking me for stimpack and i cant refuse

Sure, let me rewrite twenty scripts and several lines of dialog because you're too fucking cheap to hand out one of your precious stimpaks to a companion that just took a bullet for your ungrateful ass.

Fucking assholes. If you're going to start shit like this, at least learn to script and make the changes you feel are oh-so important your damned self.

Y'know, since I have to rewrite the scripts anyway? I'm going to have a little vengeful fun with this...


I am a bad, bad, man...

When you've left them to die, your companions remember; and will no longer ask for your aid when wounded... nor will they attempt to heal you when you get injured if they do have any stims. Of course, healing themselves is unaffected.

Some days I wonder what it would be like if I used my scripting skills for good.

...But what fun would that be?


  1. Heh heh. Serves 'em right. You can only find stimpacks in the game like EVERYWHERE.

  2. Yay, let the stupid people suffer from greed.

    Shocked you did not do more then just say fuck off...was thinking they would say fuck off ass and then they should walk away or kill them.

    Are you and Herculine going to get new vegas by chance? Loaded it up and well seems just like fallout 3.5 with more bugs and such.

  3. David:

    Unfortunately I'm still looking for a real-world job, so buying a new game at the full retail price just isn't in my budget at the moment. I'm not starving or anything, but I have to keep that budget tight.

    Now, if I could convince someone to start paying me for making companion characters, I'd likely be rich...

  4. Trust me Herculine I know how that is. I well had to go to unpure ways and ideas to get ahold of the game >.>

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  6. @David: The idea to have the scorned companion have a 25 or so percent chance to walk out on you and refuse to accompany you again for a week or so until they cool off had occurred; but the scripting will be dependent on individual companions; and not work in a plug-n-play fashion for all.

    It's something I may go to the trouble to add to my companions pack, but probably won't add to the main master, itself - since I'm still not sure anyone actually uses those five companions.

    As for New Vegas: like my favorite little fairy, my ass is unemployed. My PC won't run NV, so to get the game (and have it be more than a paperweight) I'd have to buy a new PC. Regrettably, what cash I have is earmarked for other, more practical endeavors at the moment.

  7. @Herculine:

    Believe it or not, this option was the more kind of several I ran through my head.

    I did actually leave the player an out without having to clean their savegame. I'm not going to say what it is, but it should be pretty straightforward to figure out for people with any sense.

    People are going to bitch regardless of what I do, but I'm only willing to take this being a complete bastard to your companions thing so far before they can just suck it up and stop treating them like dirt.

    If all they want is a pair of tits to mule extra equipment and never talk back, they can use someone else's system. I'm sure SCC would love to have them.

  8. Actually, the first companions I ever took into the wasteland with me were Jill, Joan and Jayla Poe. I was meaning to leave a comment over at the mod that I like Joan's new look (though I liked her old look well enough), but I just didn't want to flood the comments tab until I do more trying to break it. Anyway where I was going with that was just to say don't count out the originals just yet. They have a purpose, especially to new players just trying the mod who haven't found the other companions by the rest of us.

  9. Oh, and I like the new addition to the blog's marquee. Been getting lots of cards and letters, have we?

  10. "Oh, and I like the new addition to the blog's marquee. Been getting lots of cards and letters, have we? "

    Six, maybe eight. Some from people I don't even know.

    Apparently I'm some kind of guru or something.