Saturday, October 23, 2010

RR Companions Vault v5.64 Beta 1

The beta version of the RR Companions Vault v5.64 has been released.

As I noted elsewhere, this is less a "oh fuck I think I broke it" beta, and more a "...what the hell all did I do?" version. Seriously. 5.64 has been in off-and-on development since late June. Things have been added, removed, modified, stripped back and added again... and at this point, my swiss-cheesed memory isn't sure what all I've done and not done.

So... beta. This way, if there is some colossal screw up that I didn't notice, it can be caught as an "at your own risk" version, rather than risking messing up the game for all the players.

Changes are fairly minor. Some cosmetic work, a following reliability enhancement or two, some kicking of mirelurk ass to make them behave and stay in the tank, and the addition of a settable home marker - that granted is way overdue, seeing as mods like Jessi and Kelsey have had that feature for at least eighteen months now.

In my defense, it's not inability that kept it away so long, but apathy. Don't really use any other house mods myself, so didn't care if the mod was terribly compatible with sending companions off to other places.

The settable guard locations that I had mentioned before had to be axed. They didn't work right, and I quite frankly didn't feel like making them work. The home marker misbehaved enough on its own.

The cosmetic changes were fairly minor...

...Sorry, what was I saying?

Right! Cosmetic changes. Yes.

Since Fry did his Ling's enabled overhaul of the vault residents, my vanilla work-over is largely superfluous, but I was too lazy to start all over from 5.63, so it stayed in.

To whit:

Doc Smith.





Joan. (And Maeva in the background; in retrospect, I don't think she liked that Tenpenny guard much, the way she was eyeballing him.)

Jason and Sunny received no overhaul. I found I couldn't do much with them.

You can see here the modified mirelurk package in action. I know it takes away from the "realism" having them swim in a set path... but I'm thinking this may be the only way to keep them in the tank for everyone. Whether it will work or not... well, that remains to be seen; I haven't had them escape the tank yet - save for once instance more than a year ago, with an early version of Refurbished. Consequently, I'm not the best judge of how well they're going to stay the hell in.

The plan, such as it is, is to let 5.64 languish in beta status for about a week - giving you monkeys ample opportunity to break it. If nothing major's come up in that amount of time, I'll consider it safe to make official and do the proper update, including readme and such. I'm behind on updating the plugins section anyway.


  1. Us monkeys iz tryin' ta break it now, Boss. We iz tryin' reel good.

  2. It worries me when you start talkin' all Orky.