Saturday, October 30, 2010

RR Companions Vault, v5.64 Beta 3, Uploaded

The new beta is up.

Y'know, in all honesty, I didn't realize it had been so many days since the incident. I really had planned to upload a couple days ago; but apparently this depression is kicking my ass worse than I thought. Days are blurring together worse than usual.

Turns out I couldn't find the file to upload before because I had completely forgotten to create the Beta 3 archive in the first place. Gotta start sleeping more, I guess...

In any event, Beta 3 contains the revised health system code that will allow for a fix to the infinite loop without requiring my favorite little fairy to rewrite a hundred and forty-five companion scripts. Allows my ass to be lazy as well, albeit on a less grand scale - but still not insignificant; there's a lot of them Vanilla Companions, in addition to the various guards and whatnot.

Because of the lapse in attentiveness to the file on my part, I'm going to extend the beta a couple more days, to give the new version a chance to be tested slightly more fully.


  1. In my schizophrenic style of Oblivion/FO3/Doom playing I've tested this and tried to break it in every way I could think of. So far I find nothing wrong with it. The only "problems" I had with the "go home" marker were the fault of myself and Bethesda, not of the script. If players like me decide to put the marker in places where the default pathgrids are not as complete as they could be, the companions can get hung up a bit along the way. Overall, things look sound enough for a "permanent" release IMHO.

  2. Could you be a bit more specific about the problem?

    As I said, I tested the travel package for that home command... but not extensively. I ended up using a travel package because a simple sandbox with the marker as the target kept getting them stuck; they'd change cells once and then start sandboxing.

    Is that what's still going on; or is it just a matter that they get stuck someplace and you have to wait several more hours for the AI to get its head out of an unnamed orifice and start moving again?

  3. Sorry I was vague. The best example that comes to mind is Tenpenny Tower. I was across the field from the place with it still in view. I had told Brooke, Bernie and Joan all to call the lobby their home. I told each of them in turn to go home from across the field. Like good little AI they immediately turned and ran straight for the place. But it has that wall around it, you see. Even with the front gate standing wide open, they just ran up against the wall and could not figure out how to get around it. Am I correct to assume that this is caused by a pathgrid issue since the script itself seems to fire without a hitch?

  4. Ah, that...

    Yes, regrettably that's the Navmesh. They don't pathfind around barriers in an exterior cell very well.

    I've seen it manifest before, but honestly I have NO idea how to fix it; shy of introducing a teleport command to warp the companion back to the marker.

    Less realistic, but may not be a horrible idea, all in all.

    Thanks for clarifying that.