Friday, May 21, 2010

The Forest and the Trees

Yeah... sometimes you can concentrate on the big picture entirely too much.

I set up the new merchant containers, the dialog, the scripts... I even set up another request of Sgt Ovakil's - one of Chloe's guards is now a repair monkey, for those of you who don't mind shelling out caps to have someone else repair your stuff.

Trouble is... I forgot that when you change merchant containers, you also have to update the plugins that override said merchant's containers.

Forgot that the 20thCW plugin changes Chloe's merchant chest. So, naturally, when I test it... she has 50,000 caps and all inventory on one screen.


Obviously I remembered, and am in the process of rectifying the issues. While I'm in there anyway, figure I oughta update the leveled lists to CALIBR 1.3 and its new ammo types.

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