Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nos' RR Companions, V1.8, Upcoming, Part II

No, it still isn't uploaded.

No, I didn't forget.

If you simply must know, I got bogged down cleaning the carpets in my apartment.

After two hours of yelling "How in the fuck did all these stains get here?!" I wasn't in much shape for getting anything resembling results from the GECK.

That was Thursday. Yesterday was just a plain 'ol "fuck it." depression day that I didn't feel like doing anything beyond my daily workout and some basic hygiene.

This morning, though, I'm feeling slightly less nihilistic, and got some work done.

Everything seems to be going fine, except that one menu. Through some trial and error, I've found that there's only one dialog line for the menu (it has four randomly occurring ones) is the culprit that won't stop appearing.

Which is handy, as I figured out that my scripting fix for the issue... won't. Won't bore you with detail, except to say it wasn't thought out as well as I thought, obviously.

Knowing which line is the pain, though, will allow me to concentrate on it, and either fix it or delete it outright.

I'm not above being slightly less witty and paring it back to a single line of dialog for that thar menu.

Also noticed: Fuck me the girls in my special companions pack ended up hot. I happened to catch them earlier under the correct lighting... and wow.

While I won't delay release of 1.8 to do it... I think I'm definitely going to have to go through and apply the custom texture tricks I've learned working on my special companions, to the ones in the normal companions pack.

I've also still got to try and make up a tattooed texture for Celia. A tramp stamp, at the very least.

Still have so many changes planned that I'm damned tempted to call this latest version a beta. Not because of any unresolved bugs... but just because of how not done it is.

Hoping I'll be able to make some headway on that dialog this morning, but that'll end up depending on whether I have to trek into the city or not; and whether I get the chance to hit the range.

I like you guys, but not more than I like making cement blocks explode with an M1A. Just so you know, for future reference and all...

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