Thursday, May 27, 2010

NosCo Vault 1 Remodel, and Cosmetic Resource

Two notes, this eve... err, I suppose 0238 qualifies as morning, doesn't it?

Damn my insomnia.


My game - at least temporarily - working again, I got some time in this evening/morning/whatever in the hell time it is where you are, and have something to report.

First and foremost, on the V2 Beta of the Remodel: I'm not sure how many of you have actually experienced it; but there are a few... 'problem areas' in the navmesh of the new bedroom cell. These areas cause buggy companion behavior when following you to and from the bathroom area, and when your companion(s) tries to follow you out of the jacuzzi. I happened to get lucky tonight, and have pinpointed the exact spots causing the issues. That done, I should be able to at least start on fixing them and hopefully get us to a non-beta release of V2.

On the cosmetic resource: I'm nearly ready to call it good. I tried the black overlay on the gold eyes tonight, and the results are encouraging, if not spectacular.

As you can see, while bright, they no longer really glow. This is a mixed victory. Half the fun of the glowing eyes is how stupidly far away you can see their glow in the dark. Without that... they're just bright-eyed. Not sure I like that so much. Still, I'm not giving up. I have one more trick up the 'ol BDU sleeve. Since black tones it down too far, the obvious solution is to try the steel gray eye texture, and see if that lets it glow a bit more.

I'd like to find the correct balance; because while it doesn't carry through to the screenshots, the 'toned-down' eyes look cool up close in-game.

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