Friday, May 7, 2010


You know, one of the worst things about being me is something that a lot of you probably like.

That is, my tendency to get "inspiration", and fly off on a tangent of creativity.

On the one hand, this has resulted in things like Chloe the merchant, the health system for the companions, and my custom eye textures.

On the other... because I'm so prone to flights of fancy, it's a stone motherfucker to keep my modding backups straight.

Case in point: this morning, my game running again, I'm in the process of reinstalling my companions and their custom stuff (and man, is there a lot of it). Went to play with some eye textures on my 'special' Maeva, and found that her eyes had been replaced with pretty red diamonds.


Got to looking, and while I remembered to restore the normal companion resources, I had forgotten to replace the special ones I had been working on for the cosmetic resource. Namely, the glowing eyes.

Got those reinstalled, only to find out that now, the eye textures didn't match up, and the glow maps weren't aligning with the iris correctly.

Got to looking... and I restored an old version of the eye textures, apparently having copied the wrong set into the archive for v1.8 of my companions pack. Good thing I caught that now.

So, I've got the textures and meshes copied over correctly, so far as I can tell; got achiveinvalidation removed and reapplied; hard drive defragged again; page file adjusted; and I'm about ready to venture back into the wastes, and see how this sumbitch works.

The GECK does work, obviously, so I can at least mod again.

Also thinking of removing all the custom hairs from the companions pack that I don't actually use. Save some space, clean things up, etc. I've also run across a few new ones that I may want to put in, from Ashara's conversions.

Kicker is, I left the hairs in my companions pack because it is a master file. If one was so inclined, one could use my companions pack as a master for your own companions, to get the hairs and eyes without having to insert them into your mod manually.

So, if you do use my companions pack as a master for your own followers, let me know. I don't mind leaving the hairs in there, if people other than me are actually using them. Post a comment here, PM me on the Nexus, post a comment on the companion pack's file entry, however you want to do it.

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