Thursday, May 20, 2010

Screenshot Taunting, 5-20 Edition

So, David wants pictures of the hilarity I have mentioned seeing in my latest game. Well, I ain't got it. Fact of the matter is, the funny/amazing stories I tell about my companions happen at random. There's usually little to no warning.

For every time I find one off doing her own thing, there are five where I find that the game engine has warped her to the wrong end of the fucking cell (happened this morning in the car tunnels leading from GNR to the Mall), or that the missing companion's AI has just frozen up (have to figure out what's causing that in this latest game...).

I have, nonetheless, collected four others in the last week or so, that I thought were neat or whatever.

Here we go...

When I decided to pare my party down to a duo, I elected to leave Natasha and Maeva in the new bedroom cell of my Remodel. Let them lounge in luxury, peace, and quiet.

When I told Maeva to stay, she immediately went to the bed and crashed. Apparently demons like to sleep at 0630.

Noticed how she looked, and had to capture it. Innit cute? Like a little sleeping angel.

...You know, other than the body armor, belt of ammo, and extra weapons strapped onto her shapely calves.

I should also note: the Wasteland Seduction Outfit and Talon breastplate? Her choice. She actually had outfit and accessories in her inventory that had higher DRs, but she equipped that instead. That woman loves the wasteland seduction outfit. She'll wear it in lieu of power armor. Guess she likes showing off her assets.

Hey, I'm not gonna complain.

If you look close there in the background, you can also see my usual traveling companion. We didn't have any 500 S&W ammo at the time, so she was relegated to carrying a Gepard M4 in 12.7x108mm Soviet, the poor thing.

Closeup of said 500 mag. She loves the thing, and I make it a point not to piss off a woman who carries such a thing as a sidearm. Helluva Tac holster, ain't it?

Attired in the Dragonskin Tactical Outfit here. We looted a set from Fort Bannister, and she always gets the first one we come by.

I'm a giver, what can I say?

Full-body shot of her here.

She opted to add a Talon breastplate over the DTO for a bit of extra protection.

Loves that 500 S&W. Damned thing is expensive to feed, let me tell you. A not insubstantial portion of our looting goes into her ammo. Wish Bilarion would make with the damned update to his ammunition schematics mod, so I could roll my own. As a secondary, she likes the 44 magnum fine. A distant third is that Gepard.

You can also see my favorite general purpose weapon: a scoped, suppressed, Accuracy International 50BMG. Nothing says 'no, fuck you!' quite like a 671gr FMJ in the spine.

And one final, less interesting one of a guard (Amanda, I think it was) working in the improved lab in my Remodel.

That concludes this episode, Kiddies.

I promise, I'll start paying more attention and take more interesting ones in the near future. On the new video card, the screenshot button actually works the first try; so I find I can get spur of the moment shots easier.

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  1. Love the screen shots and I even like how Amanda uses the computer.

    I find it neat how they pick there own outfits and have a life of there own. I know people try to make npcs have there own life but you did something more then just that and truly made life in a sense in the game. The makers of fallout and any game should really poke you for ideas when they make npcs.

    Thanks for taking the screen shots and yeah I know they are more spur of the moment but does make us reading enjoy it more. As for a video recording mhm that could work but I know your computer and I would not want to be a reason to add more lag to it when you play the game.