Sunday, May 9, 2010

NosCo Vault 1 Remodel V2

...Isn't released yet. Had you going there for a second, though didn't I?

Have to apologize. Not for fucking with you; I do that without remorse.

No, I meant the not being up yet part.

Everything was going swimmingly, but then the new bedroom developed some weird navmesh problem that I can only describe as a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

Ended up having to completely delete the navmesh in that cell, and redo it.

Seems to be behaving now, so as soon as I get the last final visual FX back in place - that I had to move to navmesh; the points kept refusing to move to floor level - I'll be uploading V2 as a provisional beta, so we can see how the new triggers and scripts work for everyone before calling it an official update.

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