Saturday, May 8, 2010

Slow Going

Still getting things together. Ran into an interesting problem, this morning.

The companions' AI will just freeze, when changing cells or ending combat.

Did some playing, and it seems to be a new "feature" of Arwen's Tweaks 4.3.

I hate to be unkind or this much of a cynic... but it feels like she's actively trying to fuck those of us who play the game "incorrectly". Each version hurts companion behavior even worse. I shudder to think of what 4.4 will do to my girls.

The worst of it is that when we spoke, at least, she refused to acknowledge that her mod could do such a thing, and more or less blew me off to do my own testing.

At this point, I can try cleaning my save; reverting to 4.2 - that I played on before my unexpected "break", and see if the problem still crops up.

Tried turning the tweaks off completely, and the behavior problems once again went away, so I'm fairly sure that's what's doing it.

It really is a shame. I love the skill, stat, XP, and encumbrance tweaks. I'm not against the perk changes, and the combat style changes are acceptable, if not inspired - although that's to be expected from someone who has no training and by her own admission knows virtually nothing about guns.

But fuck it all, I am so tired of having to debug other people's work just to be able to play the damned game.

This, boys and girls, is why I preach modularity. Use what you want, and not what you don't. If something conflicts, turn that section off, and you're good to go again. Rather than the totalitarian "I put it all into one plugin so you people can't pick and choose anymore!"

And the FOOK2 bullshit is coming up again. Everyone wants me to tell them how to make it not conflict, but won't tell me what is conflicting.

Look, I'm going to spell it out for you all, okay?





At. All. Ever. In any form. I do not like it, even with green eggs and fucking ham.

I will not run it. I will not download it. I have no desire to have any contact with the arrogant FOOK team.

Tell me what isn't playing nice and I'll investigate a workaround from my end. Otherwise? You're on your own.

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