Saturday, May 22, 2010

...Wait, Really?

You remember what I was saying about people that you wind up amazed can tie their fucking shoes?

We've got another one.

Being the dumbass nice guy that I am, I try to help out with the tech support aspect of Refurbished when I can; since even after a year plus, most players aren't smart enough to understand that Fry and I are not the same goddamned person. He gets questions and complaints about the base master all the time.

Latest moron has decided that the mod is bad because of all these problems he's having. I look, and not only is he using the default game launcher, but is also loading several dependent plugins before their masters.

I've been telling him again and again to get FOMM. He posts again this morning, saying that he thought FOMM referred to the default game launcher.

...What.... the... fuck?! What in the blood-gutted, pus-spewing, hell else would "Fallout Mod Manager" refer to?! I mean, shit, it's only the #1 rated file on the goddamned Nexus.

Then, he says that in Oblivion, an "A to Z" load order was proper, and plugins didn't have to load after their masters to work.

Now look, folks. I've been playing Oblivion since September of 2006, and that is absolute, unequivocal, bullshit. Oblivion is the same fucking engine, albeit a less "refined" form. It's every bit as bad about load orders as FO3.

Y'see, this is what separates people I can deal with, from people I can't.

Decent folks will own up to a mistake. "I didn't know that, sorry." S'all you've gotta say.

But no, these other assholes have to pull something out of their ass to justify being a fucktard. "The way I do it is right in this other game I play."

No, it's still wrong.

You know, I'm not even going to reply to the comment. The bastard's not even doing the courtesy of addressing replies... and I'm getting sick of trying to save idiots from themselves.

If it wasn't for the fact that I enjoy seeing the results of my mods; and the fact that I actually like some of you? My ass would be gone from the Nexus so fast there'd be a sonic goddamned boom.


  1. A.

    Right up there with the ITunes problem I had to handle for somebody.... (Her problem? She didn't _HAVE_ ITunes.... The program wasn't installed because she thought that the IPod installed it for her when she hooked up to the computer....)

    The Auld Grump

  2. Some days, I wonder about where people come up with this stuff.

    Then I remember that my blood pressure is too high on a good day, and go do something else instead.