Thursday, May 6, 2010

NosCo Vault 1 Remodel V2, Still Upcoming

Whilst play testing this afternoon, I took the opportunity to get some screenshots of the new parts of V2 that I didn't have time to document before the hardware problem started.

So, now I present you all with the almost finished V2 of my Vault 1 Remodel.

You can see here the former player's bedroom, now a more informal foyer/sitting room. Removed the dining table and chairs, since the new bedroom itself will have intimate dining accommodations. Re-added another couch and rug, to give more sitting space; removed the clothing containers. Left the pair of generic lockers, wall safes, and the work bench and its related stuffs.

The latest iteration of the lab. Now sports two 'My First Infirmary' setups, and a furniture marker equipped microscope and testing setup on one of the tables. Covered the door leading into the mirelurk tank, and added two new glow-y computer... pillar... things. Look, I don't know what they are, okay? They just look cool and science-y.

Newer shot of the bedroom, under the red lighting. You can see in the corner there I've got most of the lounging chairs and couches in place, along with end tables and refreshments. Still need to drop in that dining setup, though. Not positive where I want to put it just yet.

While unfortunately, FO3 lacks a wet-bar, I did muddle through and manage to install a bar with drinks, stools, and a dim little lamp. The stools, of course, are set to be able to stare out at the pretty, pretty waters.

Not really new, exactly. You'll recall I formerly had an evergreen tree there. Trouble is, I found out after reinstalling the game (but not my texture replacers) that despite the naming conventions, FO3 apparently has NO green trees in it available for placement. The potted plant was a skeletal tree, just like the ones in the wastes. Not wishing to force everyone to run Evergreen, I opted to instead just remove the tree, and replace it with a set of pretty flowers.

Don't know what it is with games. They can't just give us roses, or something else tasteful. It's always got to be daises and pansies and fruity crap like that.

What I'd give for the mesh for a rose hedge. I could probably handle my own retexturing to make it suitable macabre.

In any event, that's what I've got for the time being. More will, of course, follow when I get the game fully working again - whatever that will entail this time.

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