Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nos' Cosmetic Resource, Delays and Updates

Okay, obviously the package did not go up yesterday, as I had hoped it would.

While I was midway through my lunch, and almost done with the readme, family came a'knockin' on my door. I got to finish neither food nor documentation.

By the time I got home, I had had six hours of my day thoroughly wasted, and had such a headache (the locals are apparently celebrating Memorial Day by burning their garbage, and nylon fumes are not good for my sinus condition) that I wasn't in the mood to go near the Nexus anymore.

Further unfortunate, I didn't get to upload this morning either. I was working on the pack again.

I originally wasn't going to bother... but I decided to add males to the glow-y eyes list. Originally, the males of the races didn't even have the eyes added. The eye meshes were specifically tagged female, and I didn't think it would work. Decided to try anyway this morning... and it didn't turn out half bad:

Blue demon eyes.

Blue normal eyes.

Gold demon eyes.

Gold normal eyes.

Green demon eyes.

Green normal eyes.

Red demon eyes.

Red normal eyes.

Red inverted. (yeah, the terminator shtick is getting a bit thick, isn't it?)

White demon eyes.

White normal eyes.

White inverted.

Now, obviously (as you can tell from all of them wearing the same outfit) the male demo faces are all set as facegen defaults, as well.

Also: I realize I may have been somewhat vague on the differently colored eyes bit. This is not each eye a totally different color. This is set up to allow two colors in the same eye. Now, with some work, it is possible to set up a custom race with glow-y eyes, each a different color.

However. There are a huge number of possible combinations, and I'm not running up another dozen or two example races. It'll be simple enough to set it up yourself, if you're so inclined.

As an example of what the default setup can do, take a look at these:

This is literally about thirty-five seconds worth of work in the in-game facegen. Picked the red inverted, changed hair style and color, and overlayed the amethyst custom eye texture; resulting in the red glowing ever so slightly through the inner part of the iris.

Didn't remember to get a facial closeup, but this is the same idea; except overlayed with the gold eyes instead of amethyst.

The ability to use the red or white center-glow to diffuse-color another eye texture is going to be a huge avenue for customization with this package. While I'm not going to do it now... if there's enough demand, I can set up other 'inverted' colors to allow you to use green or blue or gold or whatever as your diffuse modifier.

Pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Okay, it's 1320 now, and I need a shower. When I get out - assuming I don't get waylaid by family again, I'll be making a quick edit to the readme to include the males, then starting the upload to the Nexus.


  1. Well, I think having males added as well is worth the wait. I do have one question though since I sometimes don't catch on to things unless a big picture is drawn for me...

    To do the multi-colored overlay eyes, do you have to modify them and add them to each race, or when you create a character do you simply add two different sets of eyes to the head parts section of the NPC?

  2. Welp, obviously I missed my upload goal AGAIN.

    Still, I'm in for the night and should finally be able to finish it up.

    You don't have to modify anything to get the multicolors.

    Just pick the red or white inverted race (or add those eyes to your own custom race), and then pick an existing eye texture.

    Only works right with the round-pupil eyes; and not the slit pupil. If you use the slit pupil, there'll be a weird bleed-through of the glow color where the pupil continues above and below where it should.

    If you pick one of the pre-made inverted races (Gods, I need a better name for that...) it'll be completely in-line. Create your character, select a set of eyes in the head parts menu as normal, and that's that. The worst you'll have to do is cycle through them to decide which combination you like better.

    ...and damn it, now I'm thinking of the neat stuff I could do with other color glows...