Friday, May 28, 2010

NosCo Vault 1 Remodel, V2.1, Beta Released

That's right, the 2.1 Beta is up, and ready to be ignored by 99.9% of you.

Fixes include the fuxx0red up navmesh in the player's bedroom, some formerly misaligned tiles, the light switch script in the common room, and probably a few other things I can't remember because I have short term memory akin to a colander.

Updating should be a straightforward overwrite of the esp. No cleaning out of containers or such needed.


  1. I must be the 1%. Well, if nobody else ever says it again, let me say that I appreciate all you do with the vault, the companions and all the technical stuff that makes them work. I tried the caring and sharing companions and totally did not like the way that system worked, letting you recruit NPCs that otherwise wouldn't give you the time of day or even NPCs that might be integral to a quest. I haven't tried the EZ Companion mod yet so I can't comment on its quality, but I only stopped to read its description. See, I'd already started using RR Vault, and I'm so satisfied with it that I really see no reason to go wandering around the FO3Nexus looking for something else to try. I think Vault 1 will be the home of my lone wanderer for a long time.

  2. Hm. You really are on a flattery campaign, aren't you?

    Paranoia aside, don't mind me - I was in a mood. It happens. There's a handful of you wonderful players who have been kind enough to actually let me know what you think, and I appreciate that.

    To be a complete arrogant prick for a second, I really don't see how anyone COULD choose SCC over the RR system. Maybe it's been heavily improved, but last I used SCC it redefined the term 'basic'. You had options for follow, stay, and open inventory... and that was about it. They also, as I recall, had problems with getting limbs crippled and not healing themselves to the point that special armors were made up that prevented cripple effects.

    I guess people really do place a premium on being able to take any NPC at any time. Breaking a quest must be satisfying or something.

  3. Or, as a secondary thought, maybe it's that most people who want to make a companion aren't as industrious as you are; and not willing to learn to script in any capacity at all.

    Since SCC allows talking to anyone without having to set up dialog... it would presumably allow companion creation with no more work on your part than just creating the NPC and dropping them in the game world.

  4. Perhaps this will lighten your spirits since I know you love funny things that the game AI does...

    I was testing three of my WIP companions in the field and had just finished wiping out a MMM increased spawns mob of Super Mutants at that little church up in the Big Town / Paradise Falls region. These three handled the fight well, so I thought I'd dispatch them back to the vault to relax and pick up another set of 3 to field-test. Usually when I do this I simply tell each one to go back and then I fast-travel myself to wherever it is I aim to go next. But, having promised myself that I'd test this new batch of companions more thoroughly, on this occasion I decided to actually follow the girls on foot to see what route they take and how their journey goes...

    The companions followed a fairly direct route back to the Megaton Vault 1 entrance, winning a few minor battles along the way and never warping or anything. After one battle two of them stopped to converse a bit before continuing on their way, which can be expected and after all it's nice to see how your partner is doing after a scrap with raiders or what-have-you...

    But at one point in the sprint home we came upon a few brahmin standing around. The first two girls ran by them and could have cared less, but the third girl stopped, looked the brahmin in the muzzle and said: "Hi! How ya doin'?" Of course the Brahmin said nothing (I would have sh*t if it had), and after getting no reply the girl continued on her merry way.

    Anyway, I thought it was funny...

  5. Heh, yeah they do weird things, sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    One of the reasons the return to home command is set up the way it is, is because I didn't want them to just appear inside the vault.

    I figure you send them home, it should be however long it takes to walk it before they're back at the vault to be re-recruited.

    The first draft of my companions pack, before I knew how to set up behavior packages properly, had them starting out with the 'vault lives' in place. Work in the lab, patrol, sleep, eat, what-have-you.

    As it turned out, when one of those packages kicked in, they'd leave their starting location and go into the vault to do it. So you'd turn the pack on, and within twenty-four game hours, all ten companions would have moved themselves into the vault and be living happily. Made recruiting quite a bit simpler, but made it a lot harder to tell people exactly where to find them.