Monday, May 10, 2010

Stability, Or The Lack Thereof

Got my dialog changes made to my companions pack, fired up the game to test.

Made it from Megaton's outside gate to the hill overlooking the Super Duper Mart, and the game locked.

Didn't hard lock the system, fortunately, but the game was fucked and had to be exited via C-A-D.

This annoys me, as prior to the 8400's death, my game was extremely stable. I've made it a bit better in the last few days, but the game is still having problems left and right. AI, scripts, cell loading, weather.

Take this for instance: if I open my pip-boy, and click over to the inventory screen. I can repair the first item I select to my full skill's worth.

Once I leave that item's repair screen, I can't repair any more items. They all show grayed out.

Close pip-boy, reopen, can repair again, one time.

This... is one of those that boggles the fucking mind. It's obviously not a hard conflict, since the result isn't uniform. But something is convincing the game that my skill value is changing.

On a lark, I fire up FO3Edit to run a conflict filter.

You're gonna love this.

Can you say 'clusterfuck'? Very good, boys and girls! I knew you could do it.

Granted, most of the conflicts really aren't. Two plugins modify the same cell, both changes show up in-game, no big deal.

Some conflicts are just overrides - like my Remodel and the base master.

Got to looking, and Arwen's conflicts with goddamned near everything in the game. It is truly amazing the scale of this "tweak". My inherent grammar-nazi attitude would demand I change the name of my mod... but then again I know what the word 'tweak' means.

So... much as I hate to do it, I think Arwen's is going to have to get axed; for the time being at least, if not permanently.

She has entered the realm of FOOK and FWE - fucking with entirely too much stuff that worked fine before; and not doing us the courtesy of making it optional.

Also think I'm going to have to just break down and uninstall the game. Wipe the data directory totally.

Something has gotten its wired crossed in there, and at this point it's less trouble to remove and replace the entire game than it is to go mod-by-mod, trying to figure out what's doing it.


  1. Ah, so that's what FWE stands for! Fucks With Everything! :D

    I have avoided FWE, but like FORD the name was meant to be messed with....

    The Auld Grump

  2. Oh, dude... that's a good one.

    I'm stealing that.

  3. That's classic. F.W.E. and F.O.R.D.