Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Companions

No, not mine.

Herculine - of some Oblivion renown - has decided to delve into the Wasteland with the rest of us, and use the RR Companions Vault as her CM-stand-in.

She opted to use the 'Shojo' race, which I'll confess I'm a bit uncomfortable around in general. Don't get me wrong; there's nothing whatsoever untowards going on in Herculine's mod.

It's just that I've been keeping eyes on the likes of WP, SW, and AP since their first days available for download... and I know what some of the sickos out there are asking for. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff done with the Shojo race in Japan. That Japanese mod database/imageboard I lurk... some of that I don't even like being in my Firefox cache.

Still, I'm too much of a Libertarian to hold one person accountable for the actions of others that they don't even know, so you won't hear an objection one from me about the new RR Shojo companions.

Had an initial issue with missing resources. As I said, while I'm familiar with the existence of the Shojo race, I've never run it. So I was missing some of it's requisite resources, and I didn't read the file entry close enough (never install mods when you're dead tired) and had some hair meshes come up missing.

Tracked those down and installed just the hair meshes I needed to get the companions running - since I have no intention of running 'Child Empire' or any of those weird Shojo tie-ins.

That resolved, I tested a couple of the companions out. Seemed to work fine, and it was more than a bit amusing to watch someone under four feet tall hosing things down with a 10mm SMG.

Combat performance was hard to gauge directly, as I screwed up and took her along with two of the girls from my special companions pack - the ones rocking my archetype 'Operator' combat style.

On that note, Maeva continues to be fucking scary with an M60.


Tested, vetted, endorsed, offered a bit of advice.

The radio for calling in companions was an excellent touch, I thought, and does work with the NosCo Vault 1 Remodel.

Probably won't keep them running, though. No technical or moral issues as such... it's just that I prefer my eyecandy curvy... slightly further south than the face, y'know?

Nonetheless, took some screenshots, which I shall now share, pursuant to my duty as your infrequent entertainer.

Had to grab one of Maeva on her own, just because it still amuses me how cool the glowing red eyes in the dark thing looks.

Moving on.

When we first went back into Vault 1 after turning Herculine's mod on, I stopped to look at one of them, and saw this when I turned around.

Maeva stood there, eyes narrowed, staring at the little girl for a solid three minutes, until one of my guards came up and spoke to her.

I could just hear it in my head... "Okay, when did we start allowing pets in here?"

Also snagged this one. Was trying for a better pose-set... but the redheads weren't cooperating. I don't think they like kids. Also had some weird behavior from the Groovatron. May have forgotten to install some of the pose meshes this time around.

Also saw something that had me laughing so hard I could barely sit up. Was in Megaton, looking over the rugrat companions, when I happened to look over, and spy one of my girls leering at one of the customers at the Brass Lantern's outdoor bar. I swear... she was trying to look down the back of the other woman's shorts.


After a couple of minutes, she either got bored, or heard me laughing, and stopped leering.

Shit, this AI drives me up the wall, some days... it's so damned realistic...

Had popped into the Remodeled Bedroom cell to move a couple companions, and I watched Maeva pacing. Pacing! In front of the glass window. She'd walk about ten feet, turn around, and walk back; always staring out into the water. For like five solid minutes. I had considered trying to mess with her energy settings to stop things like that, when it occurred to me: that is something I can so see Maeva doing. As aggressive as she is, boredom would likely involve angry pacing.

Weird part is, I never really saw much of this sort of behavior from other NPCs. Watch Jessi and Kelsey some time when they're sandboxing. If they're not using furniture or an idle marker, they just sort of stand there. Same thing for Clover and the like.

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