Friday, May 13, 2011

...Are We Back?

Looks like posting is re-enabled, after nearly twenty-four hours. According to the tech notice, Blogger somehow ended up screwing the pooch during a bit of "routine maintenance"; which resulted in temporarily losing all content from after the Wednesday data backup.

Posts are back, as is the ability to post. Comments do not appear to have been restored. I'm not sure whether they will be or not. The tech notice is rather unspecific on that point, saying only that they're working on restoring everything.

So, if your comment never returns from its tour of duty in Limbo, that's why. I'm not going through and deleting the things.

...Also interesting, is that my saved post tags seem to be corrupted in some cases. Well, all we can do is hope they restore everything correctly, I suppose...


  1. My blog appears to be unscathed. I thus conclude that it must be a covert plot aimed specifically toward NosCo.

  2. I agree with the neko on this. I call for retaliation with maximum force.

    on the flip side, glad things are back to semi-normal. Was getting twitchy

  3. I'm pretty sure retaliation with maximum force is against the Blogger/Google ToS. If not, I'm sure it at least violates a few US laws.

    Besides, paranoid as I am, I know it wasn't just this one. There was a big post made about it.

    One of the other blogs I read (not vidja gaem related, so won't link) had a post made on Thursday morning before the outage, that had garnered some forty odd comments; after the "restore" it had none.

    Official word from Blogger is that comments should be back "by this weekend".

    But yeah, I'm glad it's back. I'm sitting on two or three posts now, myself; that I couldn't make 'cause the damned dashboard was down.

  4. Given the way computing schedules normally work, "by this weekend" could actually mean "sometime, maybe, probably this month but don't count on it".

    Nice to see the blog working again though :)

  5. I also, am glad to see you back. I had noticed some of the comments had vanished, but that was after I couldn't get into my own dashboard, so I figured it was something on Google's end.

    I looked over my blog (Comicville) and everything looked good, but the way things like to disappear on me, I'll go take a second look.

  6. Ok, just checked and all seems well in Comicville :) I'll agree with Herculine on the plot thing. Any other damaged blogs are just distractions to prevent us from knowing the truth XD