Friday, May 27, 2011

NCCS - Silent Companions, Uploaded

As I mentioned awhile back, I set about tackling the "issue" of NCCS companions having the unmitigated gall to get mouthy when you point a weapon at them, shoot them, or go knocking random shit over.

This is an "issue" that has had several malcontents attempt to fix it now. For some reason, they all decided to butcher the voice types in the game itself; to remove all such undesirable comments from the game for all NPCs.

The great irony, is that to "fix" it, one needed only uncheck some flags on the various NCCS packages.

...I probably should have mentioned that when they asked, huh?

Oh, well.

Anyway, since it's apparently an issue for many people, I decided to make an official fix that doesn't fuck up half the game.

You can find the new plugin in the NCCS file entry, under optional files.

Have tested it, and it appears to work correctly... but as always, I'm sure someone will have a merge patch that it conflicts with and ZOMG TEH WURLD IT ENDZ WIT UR STPID MOD RNNING!11!!SEVENTEEN!

I would have uploaded this last week when I had it done... but I'm, y'know... lazy; and easily distracted to boot.


  1. Whew boy! I sure am glad this "issue" is fixed now!

  2. *shakes head* Having "corrected" this, the next thing these, umm, people will complain about is loosing their NCCS companion, and having no clue as to when it happened...

  3. @Druuler:

    That's been complained about before.

    It took me hours to get the twit to understand that quest markers can't be generated on the fly from within the game; and if you want a tracker you have to learn to set it up yourself.

  4. Sadly, I'm not surprised. And I have been thinking about driving myself crazy(er) by tinkering with a combined tracker/teleporter for my companions. Preferably one I can give to a companion, as opposed to one the companion starts with. *shrugs* Just an idea at the moment.

  5. When you say a tracker/teleporter that you can give to your companions, what do you mean?

    Are you talking about an item just to control toggling the quest, or the item itself being tracked and showing a marker on whomever's inventory it's in?

  6. I guess having the item itself being tracked, and able to allow me to call/teleport the holder to me. I'm assuming that each item would have to be made specifically for each companion individually. The idea is for me to be able to track and teleport each companion from a single control device (computer, radio, magic lamp), but only while the device is in their inventory.

    I know its possible to have each function placed seperately into a device, but I'm not so sure about having both functions in the same device.

    The Amy Wong companion, and three of the characters in the 187GURLZ mod have functions close to what I'm thinking of.

    I'm assuming that the item would require having the "tracking quest" scripts, as well as the scripts required to "call to player". Its not something I've really looked into yet. Its just an idea sitting on a growing pile of other mod ideas.

  7. Ah, okay.

    By the sound of it, you had designs on making a stack of "companion tracker" or whatever items; that would automatically track whatever NPC had them in inventory. That's sort of... impossible.

    But making an item specifically for each companion? Yeah, that's no problem. There is also a limit to how many options each item can have, but it's the number of entries on a standard message menu -- nine, I think? Three is no big deal at all. I made up a set for some of my companions that have four I think: teleport, tracking on, tracking off, follow me. You can do multiple levels of menu, but it greatly complicates the scripting.

  8. Its the scripting that's really keeping me from going ahead and starting this. But again, there are some examples out there that I could take a look at in the GECK to get a better idea of where to start.

    I wasn't looking for input when I mentioned it, but your's is appreciated, none the less. Thanks :)

  9. "I wasn't looking for input when I mentioned it"

    Sorry, reflex action.

  10. No need to appologize. As I said, it is appreciated, and it does save on you having to ask the same thing if I do eventually ask for assistance ;)