Monday, May 16, 2011

NCCS - Silent Companions

On several occasions, players have loudly decried that the companions in NCCS -- and the game on the whole -- are not silent drones. They complain when they get muzzled (and for the record? So do I), when you know things over, start chucking grenades at random, or if they should catch friendly fire.

The prevailing... "solution" has been to gut the game's voices; to remove those idle comments wholesale.

Well, after the last complaint a couple days ago, I happened to be in the GECK working on some super-secret details for v0.75 anyway... so I decided to do something about it.

In what's apparently SOP for me, I did it in a simple way that makes those uploaded solutions seem a little silly. Those comments are controlled by some simple flags on the AI packages. Untick three or four boxes on each of the three follow packages, and boom. No more companion bitching; nor tampering required with every voice for every NPC in the game.

And because I figure people who don't want their companions to talk back probably don't want them talking most other times, I also removed all idle chatter, and hellos to the player. From the following packages, sit packages, and sandbox, too.

Overkill? What's that? Sounds unpleasant.

I just tested the plugin, and it does work correctly.

I'll upload it alongside the master in the NCCS file entry on the Nexus; although as a separate file in the optional section. May get it uploaded today, may be later on -- it depends on how annoying the second of those two secret new features I mentioned continues to be.

Stupid game engine: violating it's own laws again...


  1. Overkill isn't unpleasant unless you don't like heavy metal music. Personally, I happen to like them :)

    I think your ticking boxes in the GECK to silence the companions just might have a magical side effect of silencing some people, too, which just might put a wee bit of a smile on your face. One can hope, anyway.

    Myself, I like talkative companions. It gives them some depth and makes them more interesting to have around. If I want a silent drone following me around, I will build just that. A nice quiet Terminator or Eyebot to mindlessly follow me around and kill things for me. Something that I would have to be constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure is still there. Some people...

  2. seconded. I like the little comments. sometimes I wish there were more, or more voices available.

    my next insane quest is to find japanese audio files and see if I can make my Shoujo Death Squad of DOOM speak japanese for me. :D

  3. I admit I like it when companions, or games in general for that matter give audio cues. I especially don't get people who can play games without sound.

    That reminds me, there's a talking user interface mod I've been meaning to try.

    @DarkSong: You might be able to do something with the FALLOUT ANIME VOICE STUDIO on FO3 Nexus which seems stuffed with ogg files. Yes, the name is all caps, what else would you expect for a yelling anime girl voice mod? :)

  4. fully aware of that. The thing is, I'd like to have it so only my companions talk in moonspeak, so I dunno how possible that it.

    just another project

  5. "The thing is, I'd like to have it so only my companions talk in moonspeak, so I dunno how possible that it."

    It's all a matter of time. You'd just have to copy and rename your audio files to the file names for the dialogue in question.

    Depending on the companion and/or system in question, this could take a couple hours, or a couple weeks.

    Making it for just your companions would be trickier -- you'd need either a custom voice type; or to find a type that very few NPCs in the game use, and make the changes for it.

    Can be done; but would probably be a considerable pain.