Sunday, May 29, 2011


So... more comments fun from the Nexus. If I didn't already have an ulcer, I'd be getting one.

In reply to the previous post's stupidity, Herculine said: "The tutorial documentation Nos has provided would be a good place for you to start. "

I added: "I'll second Herculine's suggestion of the tutorial. It was written with the novitiate in mind, and even explains setting up the GECK's ini file.

The tutorial is available for download right next to the main master archive -- can't miss it."

And this morning, our Mensa candidate replied: "and where is this vid?"

...So all tutorials have to be in video form, now?!

Fucking youtube generation!

I wonder how much drinking I could do this morning before spending the rest of the day violently ill...

I suppose I should thank the shortsighted twits with entitlement complexes. Thanks to them, not only have I not touched FNV or NCCS in over a week, but by actively avoiding it I managed to solve an animation issue that had been plaguing my Oblivion install for months. No need to go into detail about what exactly the animations do, mind you... but it's nice to have them working.

On that note, I'm also planning on scrapping NCCS v0.75, and reverting to 0.7; abandoning the new features I had in mind. The one isn't working, and I don't feel like releasing the other. It'll incur too many stupid questions.


  1. People wonder why I don't like dealing with other people, let alone meet new ones. *facepalms* The amount of people that operate on this level is disturbing. Not all of them are "wired" to be like that, some of them choose to be like that.

    That said, I do have my days when I suffer a bout of "the stupids" >.<

  2. Everyone has their off days.

    I fear that these people would have to be having off lives for it to be an alternative to a case of being genetically defective.

  3. What? A readme file? Does that mean I have to read something...?

  4. Yes, you will have to read something. You might have some difficulty though, as it is grammatically correct, with proper speeling, err, spelling.

  5. Doubleplusgood. I've become so accustomed to translating Newspeak these days that reading something that is actually written in Webster's English always requires a period of readjustment...

  6. I've been following the NCCS thread since I threw my 2 cents worth in a couple of days ago. I'm sure you both are shaking your heads even more over the individual that sparked this blog post. I would like to think that part of the issue is language barrier, but I'm not going to hold my breath...

    On a positive note, thought, Earache42's eXcalibr ammo expansion mod is once again available on the Nexus! Here is hoping this, along with KDStudios' recent reinstatement, is a sign of more good things to come :)

  7. err, "though", not "thought". Sheesh...were is the edit button?

  8. I'm not going to create yet another post about this jerkoff, but anyone interested can read his latest stupidity in the NCCS comments tab/thread. Truly, he is a God amongst the retarded.

    I tell ya, it's a good thing I'm a morose and nihilistic person on a good day, anymore... else this new breed of humanity would be depressing the shit out of me.

  9. Also: It's not language barrier, Druuler. I just checked his profile: somewhere in Australia. Granted, they don't speaka da good eeeenglish dere... but Australians are generally understandable by Americans such as myself, so I'm not going to give him the extra slack reserved for non-native English speakers.

  10. I was "grasping at straws" with the language barrier idea.

    I don't think it is a new breed of humanity, so much as it is the internet giving us more exposure the the vastness of humanity in general. I could be wrong, though. *shrugs*

  11. @Druuler:

    If this is indeed the vastness of humanity, perhaps it would be best for us to revert to a much simpler era when it took several days for messages to be delivered between villages...

    ...but no, I've met a few good folks around here, so I guess putting up with the rest of humanity is the price we must pay.

  12. It is my personal theory that it is both "new", and not.

    See, fucking morons have always been among us; but the issue is that in the last twenty or thirty years, they've begun to be forced into literacy by compulsory schoolin' in nearly all industrialized nations.

    Combine that with the fact that the internet is now available practically everywhere in the world (in cafe form, if not personally owned devices) and we now get subjected to the idiot from every village on the goddamned planet.

    The worst part of it is that the worst offenders isn't the guy from Nairobi with one shoe and no pants who just found out the internet exists last week. It's the people from "first world" nations who grew up with computers, and just can't be bothered to put any effort whatsoever into... well, anything. 'Cuz dey R spcal snoflkas n if tere is teh problm, teh wrld owes it 2 dem to fx it. Mommy sed so.

    For what it's worth, I too feel that on the balance, the price is worth paying; for the people I've met via the internet on the whole -- and the Nexii specifically -- but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop my impotent bitching about the issue. It's my alternate lifestyle choice, damn it!

  13. Far be it from me to tell you to stop bitching. It that stopped showing up around here, I would think you were excedingly medicated, or possessed...or both. Either way, it would be just wrong :)

    And I agree with you as to the origins of the large majority of these people. I've experienced it first hand through my small, but valued circle of friends. Not in the circle mind you, but through it. *sigh*

  14. Hm.

    A medicated Nos.

    A me that isn't annoyed. That is... nice? Understanding?

    That's a scary thought.

    Fortunately, your weak, human drugs don't work fully on me; so they'd probably have to kill me via overdose to get that effect.

  15. i have always found Video How-tos where almost always better to understand then reading a how-to which i would most of the time never understand or just play out get confused.. (im never been a book learner, im always been show it to me and i will learn it faster...)

    its not because i am lazy its just because its easier to understand and not get confused..

    while others rather read something and learn do it.