Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You're Still Sick.

Our malcontent from this morning replied to my forum post; as usual, he can't switch his own mods off and see if the game works right -- I'm supposed to tell him which mod of the ones he listed is doing it.

Because I'm equal parts idiot and masochist (and because I know this is going to come up again in the future), I'm looking over the mods. Three of them are sex mods: specifically, AP, MAC, and FNV Sexual Innuendo. Just reading the comments thread on FNVSI, and wow.

Sex-mod runners are still as fucked up as they were in FO3 when I was paying some attention to AP.

I'm also amused to see the non-English posters. I know, we've all got to speak something... but when a mod is listed as being in English, has all the documentation in English, and all the comments in English... what makes one think that posting in French or German will get one anywhere? And when they don't get a response, they just keep posting; like the issue is no one noticed the previous posts...

I mean, if I were to pop into one of those Japanese forums, and start rambling in English, should I expect any help? What about a Russian forum? I wouldn't.

Regardless, I'm looking over the sex mods here in FNVEdit.

Have I mentioned lately what a complete and total mess most FNV mods are? Seriously. Just how dumb of kids are our highschools letting out these days? Well, my brother graduated with a 60.2% average; and he didn't even show up for an entire month (thirty-one days consecutive days, to be exact) his senior year. So apparently the bar really is low these days.

Rampant misspellings aside; I see that all three mods change the GREETING topic. MAC renames it from 'GREETING' to 'Hello'; and AP of course sets its dialogue changes priority to 100 -- overriding any other changes above it in the load order.

I see that MAC also changes the Goodbye topic, the Water Beggar greetings, some Kings dialogue, some 188 dialogue, some strip dialogue...

...And has "deleted" dialogue from the FNV main master.

FNVSI changes about half the "freeform" dialogue greetings and goodbyes in the master, by the look of it. Boulder city, the Strip, Freeside, Kings, Gomorrah, Lucky 38, Hidden Valley, Cottonwood Cove... the list just keeps on keepin' on.

I would still love very dearly to know why it is my responsibility to track down and clear other peoples' piss-poor modding practices.


  1. As Haskill would say:

    "Amazing. Truuuly..."

  2. So... if the Haskill analogy is apt; does that mean I'm boring the Neko?

    'Cause if so... I have string. Ooh, lookie lookie!

  3. I admit to being pervy. I like the buxom body replacements and the uber-skimpy clothing/armour ones.

    But I draw the line at the animated sex mods. Eew. DO NOT WANT!

  4. I'm not gonna claim to be a prude. I run nude bodies in all three games; and as previously stated I do use Lovers in Oblivion.

    However, I'm not out there campaigning for necrophilia, lolis, beast stuff or any of that. A lot of the people in those threads seem to want it so that the sex mods all include slavery and such, as well; which I'm not a particular fan of.

    Beyond that, Lovers is at least written fairly well. AP, MAC, and FNVSI are game breakers. They are coded horribly, and destroy quests, corrupt saves, and cause inexplicable errors with NPCs galore.

  5. and it's not like FNV needs any help crashing by itself, eh ?

  6. Not in my experience.

    I'm sure there's someone out there who has had outstanding reliability from the game, but I don't think I've ever seen a post from him or her.

  7. Bored?


    Apathetic toward people who insist upon running a dozen different mods that, when combined, in some way edit virtually every aspect of the game and then they have the stones to wonder why their game isn't working?


  8. I still say you're spending too much time around me. You're getting downright not-nice at times.

  9. It's been a long evening. I've been trying repeatedly and unsuccessfully to upload the finished version of my new little Doom mod to the Archives, which of course requires using an FTP thingy. Got like 10% uploaded then it took a crap and won't let me try anymore, so I'll likely be getting an e-mail from Ty Halderman (DoomWorld's Robin Scott) to inform me that I've uploaded a "broken" .zip file.

    Meanwhile, uploading to MegaUpload at the blazing speed of 4 KB/sec. likely won't be finished until sometime tomorrow...

  10. Give me a second to stop giggling...

    *ahem* That's better.

    Sorry, but "which of course requires using an FTP thingy" just conjured such a ridiculously cute image in my head. I couldn't help it.

    And on a subject change that is totally not an attempt to distract you so you don't claw my eyes out:

    Do people still use FTP? I haven't had a client installed in the better part of a decade now. I thought it went the way of the audio cassette and Usenet.

  11. FTP and Usenet are still quite active, just not as obvious as they were.

  12. Sex mods seem to bring out the worst in people. If it's not people screaming about how evil they are, it's people screaming about how their kink isn't integrated into the core with dialogue that a porn film script writer would reject as unbelievable.

    I wonder if those asking for stuff realise how much they're giving away about their interests :)

    At least that Lovers modset looks modular.