Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Unforgiving

Nothing to do with video games; but I was in Hastings earlier and decided to blow some money on the bargain CD rack. Expanded my classic country section with albums from Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, and The Highwaymen; as well as one of Cleopatra Records outstanding Goth compilations, and an older Kylie Minogue disc (yay $3.99 rack).

But, I also grabbed Within Temptation's new album The Unforgiving. Sadly not on the cheapo rack.

Ye Gods, Sharon has still got a set of pipes on her. Why Evanescence ended up mega-popular and Within Temptation didn't I'll never know. Anyway, if you're into that sort of music, The Unforgiving definitely has a Nos stamp 'o approval. Totally worth the sticker price. Came with a DVD, too, but I haven't popped it in yet.

Now if we could just get Tarja to put out another solo album...

That's all. Return to whatever it is you were doing.


  1. yeah, Within Temptation is fscking awesome stuff, will definitely have to check out their new disc. As for Evanescence, Amy has a good voice, but it's not even the same band as what originally hit the charts anymore. No idea either why they are/were popular.

    For some fun, listen to last.fm with the tags active for "female fronted metal" and you can get some more amazing groups too - I discovered that tag working off a "gothic" tag, and don't regret exploring it one bit.

  2. Evanescence had their moments. The first two albums were quite good -- though I will forever hate and wish death upon whoever decided that Paul McCoy should be included in Bring Me To Life.

    But after Amy broke up with her boyfriend and went all emo... the music went downhill fast. I haven't listened to their new stuff since The Open Door album; so I can't comment on the band as it now stands, though.

    Wish my local retailers would carry some VNV Nation, too. I managed to score Of Faith, Power, and Glory right after it came out; but haven't seen another since. And they can't figure out why Amazon is kicking their asses...

  3. I've only recently gotten into Evanescence myself. I really like the earlier stuff, but wouldn't recognize the newer stuff. Every time I hear "Anything for You", I picture FO3's Clover singing it.

    I love Tarja's voice, but I couldn't get into her solo album. I'll play Nightwish over and over, but just can't seem to get through the solo album. Its the difference in musical style, I think. Tarja's not as heavy as I'd like as a solo performer. *shrugs* Each to there own.

  4. Tarja is kind of like Trance Opera -- her music is one of those acquired tastes. If you haven't heard it, the best track off her first album is I Walk Alone.

    Though most people seem to be in your camp, Druuler; and just not think she's that great. Heathens the lot of you, I say; but someone's got to keep Britney Spears employed...

    ...and now I duck the incoming flung object...