Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, I mentioned my new Oblivion game, to get some race mods... and some *ahem* other mods fully working.

I've been hitting the ruins surrounding the Imperial City, picking up loots to sell, for pretties from the Goddess store, and houses.

We worked our way around the west shore this evening. I was just going through everywhere as I came across it. Strip everything that isn't nailed down; and if it is nailed down? Here's a crowbar.

Eventually, we happened across Vindasel.

It's been so long since I did Clavicus Vile's quest that I had completely forgotten the significance of the place.

Turns out Umbra is in there from the game start; and we blundered right into her.

At level four.

Amazingly, I survived. It was dumbest luck that I had a few healing potions and a flame-enchanted sword found in previous ruins. I pretended to be a Spartan; hid behind my shield and held Umbra's attention while dealing what damage I could. Survived - barely. Thankfully, I had not just Branwen, but all four of my CW-Neko race companions along as well.

That ebony armor of hers should fetch enough to put us over the top for acquiring Benirus Manor, at least.

Oh man, do I miss carrying automatic weapons and explosives. Going to be sore, tomorrow.


  1. Ah, yes... reminds me of my first vanilla playthrough many moons ago...

    Of course being a solo adventurer at the time, I was forced to defeat Umbra the same cheesy way I had dealt with her counterpart in Morrowind: I got myself positioned atop something where she could not reach me and, while the AI just ran about in confusion, I rained pathetically weak ranged attacks down upon her until after a pathetically long time she finally died...

    ...which in turn also reminds me of the first time I discovered one of the major differences between Morrowind and Oblivion: pissed-off enemies can follow you outside.

    Somewhere not too far from Vindiesel is a fort full of undead where I first encountered one of those green-glowy uber-zombies which I was of course too weak to defeat toe-to-toe. That sucker followed me all across the countryside, o'er both land and liquid, attracting well-meaning but equally ineffective NPCs all the while, until finally we chanced upon Countess Whatshername's traveling procession and fortunately her bodyguard had a silver weapon that could actually damage the thing.

    Yes, those were the days...

  2. CW-Neko companions? Haven't heard of those.

    Also, the combination of using "other" mods and the phrase "Going to be sore, tomorrow" conjures up some disturbing images about how your nekos actually beat her O_o

  3. @Herculine:

    "Somewhere not too far from Vindiesel is a fort full of undead"

    "Vin Diesel"

    Well, we know what you're thinking about tonight. Freudian slips for the win, I suppose. I never knew that was your type of guy. I'll add that to the mental database I'm compiling for future stalking purposes...

  4. @Kirtai:

    I'm not sure there are any uploaded, but Colourwheel's Sexy Oblivion Overhaul includes overhauls of the female forms of most races in the game. Her Khajiit women look more like anime-esque catgirls. Similar to the Tabaxi.

    Liking the look, I copied the races into a new plugin and made myself some neko companions. A bit later, I decided I could do better, and gave them a makeover; in the process I created what I call the "snow neko". With the skilled advice of my partner Herculine, I added some... more anatomically correct details to the new texture - though I won't be posting screenies of that little experiment. Anyway, liked them quite a bit; and maids A, B, C, and D have been a part of my game ever since.

    As for the sore part: I meant of course that I got cut all to shit by her the sword Umbra. Get your mind out of the gutter. What kind of blog do you think this is...

    Damn it, Eiko, put some underwear on! I'm trying to take the moral high ground here...

  5. "I'm not sure there are any uploaded,"

    Any Companions uploaded that utilize the races, I meant to say. Sorry, was preoccupied trying to remember where those blog posts were in the tree.

  6. Ah, the custom Colourwheel Nekos, I see now. I forgot about the ones you mentioned before. Cute :)

    "I added some... more anatomically correct details to the new texture"
    "What kind of blog do you think this is..."
    Hmmm... ;)

  7. ...What? I am a guy. You think I just use my modding skills for companion systems for people to complain about?

  8. Not at all, I'd be more surprised if modders *didn't* have more personal mods that never saw the light of day.

    Though, since the most explicit stuff I've encountered are from women modders, it makes me wonder how many women run modded games that would make any guy squirm. A scary thought :O

  9. Scary?

    You humans sure are a strange lot sometimes, you know that?

    I've always found perverse women rather intriguing, myself.

    Why should guys have the monopoly on freaky fantasy lives?

  10. Well, it's not the women themselves but rather their game setup I was thinking of :)

  11. Oh, I can't possibly be the only one who makes the mental connection between the two names... can I?

  12. Walking in late on a conversation can be both entertaining and confusing, usually at the same time >.<

    I caught Herculine's Vin Diesel "slip" too. I've been trying to think of how/if I should use his Riddick character in the comic...

  13. @Herculine:

    That's not a deeeeeeniiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaal...

    I dunno. The name similarity never occurred to me; but we've long since established I am not normal, so y'know.

    Won't catch any teasing from me, regardless. I've been meaning to see Fast Five, myself. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson in one movie? Can't say as I swing the correct direction to entertain any yaoi fantasies on the subject... but it should nonetheless make for a couple hours of wonderfully entertaining high speed and destruction.

    Not as entertaining as if they got rid of Paul Walker... but what can you do?

  14. @Druuler:

    Thank you. You've now reminded me how bad I want to see a third film where he leads the Necromonger advance across the galaxy.

    I haz a sad nao.

    As for comic use, my recommendation would be: extremely carefully.

    Riddick is one of those characters that's annoying as hell if not written and portrayed perfectly.

    Unless you're an excellent writer with a perfect setting for him... I think I'd pass.

    I seriously doubt I could pull it off with a semi-original setting; let alone trying to inject him into Fallout. Good odds it'll come across as slash fic.

  15. I sowwy :(

    Thanks to Riven1978's Famous People releases, I have me a crap load of celebrities I want to have make cameo appearances throughout the comic. I just have to make companions out of them first, and decide when and where they show up.

  16. In the "Ooh, shiny!" syndrome where mods are concerned, players tend to download and add everything they see. Every armor, weapon, house, companion... eventually, you end up with a convoluted mess.

    Similar things happen in comics. I've been reading web comics more than ten years now, and I've seen more than one fall to similar problems, where the author(s) decides to include every character they can think of.

    What you end up with, more often than not, is not a cohesive story about one set of characters; but a disjointed mess that falls prey to "guest star" problems much like a sitcom - where the focus isn't the story, or even the characters, but who's going to be appearing this week.

    It is, of course, your comic and you can do as you please... but I'd suggest caution. You don't want to fall prey to gimmicks in lieu of story-telling.

  17. Advice on this topic I will quite happily take Nos. I usually mention an idea before thinking it through, but in this case, I am trying to think everything through. Taking the time I am to get things set up is allowing me to digest different ideas. Some of the ideas seem to be better suited to being just mods for my own game, or maybe something to throw up on the Nexus for feedback in that area. A great story goes through many re-writes before we read it or see it on a screen.