Sunday, May 8, 2011

NosCo CM Plugins for Oblivion

I haven't made it any secret that I've been tampering with CM off and on over the last several months.

This has resulted in some plugins, that I have decided to share.

(If Megaupload is a problem for you, let me know and I should be able to upload somewhere else)

These, as you might notice, are not on the Nexus. Call it a regular reader reward for the blog here.

There are three plugins, totaling less than seven kilobytes. No meshes or textures are required.

From the readme:

Nos' CM Partners Strip Order.esp adds a command near the bottom of the CM dialogue labeled simply enough "Strip for me." It does what you would expect. Useful for checking body mods, or... whatever. I'm not here to judge. Opening the companion's inventory and closing it again will cause them to re-equip their items as normal.

Nos' CM No Armor Wander & Offer Services Follow.esp modifies the CM system's Follow and Wander packages. With this active, companions will offer services (the buttons for merchant, repair, recharge, and training) even when following you; so that you can use your special companion's abilities at any time. The modification to the wander package sets it to use the "Armor Unequipped" and "Weapons unequipped" flags; so that they'll sandbox in normal clothing. Remember to put some normal clothing in their inventory, though.

Nos' CM Common Party Containers.esp was specially made at the request of my modding partner, Herculine. She wanted a companion container that would let you offload loot, but in a way that they wouldn't be able to equip it to mess up carefully coordinated outfits. I decided to put six, since Oblivion has that issue with too many items in one container causing engine bugs. You can find the new options on the "Party Items" menu, at the top. Fair warning, I have seen some instances of one of the containers "sticking" in the air in the dining room of Benirus Manor with the Better Benirus Manor mod active. I have no idea why this happens. It doesn't block movement; and is usually only noticable if you're looking for it, but it may bother some people. If I ever figure it out, a future revision will fix this - but since it isn't even an inconvenience; let alone game-breaking, it isn't high on the to-do list.

For the record, I add my handle to plugins not because of my severe pretentiousness (though that doesn't hurt) but because it makes it easier to keep track of them in the load order.

Comments/problems/whatever about the files should probably go in this post's comment section, but I couldn't add a link to the file's readme; what with the post not being made yet and all. Assuming this goes over acceptably, you'll probably be seeing some of my CM companions from over the years uploaded in a similar manner.

As well, this post is also going to be added to a new "Oblivion Files Uploaded" link list on the right side, for keeping track of everything in an easy-to-find locale.


  1. What are you getting all excited about? I'm fairly sure I already sent all three plugins to you some time ago...

  2. Yes... but now you're reaching out to others. You've lowered your shield for a moment to allow yourself to grow emotionally in the sharing of your works with your fellow gamers. It's a gesture of good will and brotherhood that suggests to me that there might be a soft center somewhere in what you prefer to call a lump of obsidian. You've taken a step toward true inner well-being.

    Kum-bay-ah, Oh Lord, Kum-bay-ah...

    ...what's that? Oh, sorry. Was having a group therapy flashback there...

  3. ...

    Damn it. I can't decide whether to respond seriously, snarkily, or to mock the whole goodwill idea...

    You've rendered me (mostly) speechless yet again. Kudos to you, dear Neko.

  4. Thanks, will come in handy once I get Oblivion working again.

    @Herculine: At least here he doesn't have to deal with the average forum denizen :)


    Quick! I need some plastic surgery and a plane ticket to Bolivia!

  6. Heh, it wouldn't surprise me if Bolivia was easier for them to deal with than digging things hidden in blogs :)

  7. I did consider it once after I read about how lawless it is in that country... but I figured broadband would be hard to get; and I don't know any drug lords to ingratiate myself with anyway...

    Plus, my Spanish is really shitty, so it's probably a bad idea on the whole.

  8. Thanks for the upload Nos. I'll go download it and give it a shot...eventually. Maybe between bouts of Doom...

    @Herculine: The last time someone said something like that to me, I dissappeared for a month and a half...Good thing Nos isn't me XD

  9. I have been looking for a CM Partner Plugin that turns my CM into a Merchant. But... your MegaUpload site does not work. Could you just email it to me.