Sunday, May 8, 2011

NCCS - "Improvements"

Hey I don't know anything about scripting but I'm nonetheless going to fuck your mod blue and tattoo it because I don't like something it does. You'll tell me how, right?

Seriously, people? You're still on this shit? You still think I just randomly pulled the teleporting code out of my ass and called it a system?

I tested more than a dozen revisions of that code; over months of play. I didn't use other code because the "better" code didn't work right!

From this point on, in effect is the policy that my ever-stalwart partner, Herculine, has been proposing for months now:

Fuck with my code, and you're on your own. "Tinker" with or "Improve" my scripting in any way, and the warranty is void and you get no tech support. (though of course she used less profanity and more grace)

I'm done hand-holding people who have no idea what they're doing but insist on messing with stuff anyway.

If I could get rid of the teleporting and have the companions not get lost every five damned minutes, I happily would. Results, however, have not been what one would call encouraging.

If you can do better; do it. I'm sure the community will welcome a superior system. But I'm not teaching you how.


  1. Again? *facepalm*

    At least if I mess with your's or someone elses scripts, I won't be moronic enough to ask you to help me fix it again. I'll just re-install from the archive and try again...

  2. *looks for the "like" button* :P I definitely approve, about time - for your sanity, if nothing else - that you drew the line to that sort of thing.

  3. I try to be a nice guy; to do the customer service bit... but it's like dealing with a bunch of amateur auto mechanics trying to adjust a custom four-barrel carb on an old Hemi -- mostly just a giant circle-jerk of suck and fail and second guessing the engineers.

    If they'd read the damned manual it wouldn't be so bad... but noooooo. They have to go on "common sense" and what it "feels like it should do".

  4. I suppose the real problem is you never hear from the people who do read the manual and fix their own broken experiments.

    You only get the ones who think they're entitled to free tech support.

  5. Essentially.

    "No news is good news" as it were.

    Unfortunately, the fact that 90% or more of our comments are negative -- and from the bottom 10% of the IQ pool in most cases -- drags rather heavily on the psyche of most modders, and we all end up cracking sooner or later.

    The vast majority seem to just decide to hang it up one day; move on to another game, or to modding just for themselves and close friends. Others snap and get forcibly "moved on".

    Then there are the ones like me who purposely bitch in a format where they can't get banned for it.

  6. It's a pity that a few muppets ruin it for everyone.

    Maybe more modders should have rant blogs :)

  7. Maybe.

    I'm sure it's chalked up as cowardice to those "in power" though. Not having the fortitude to say what I think where they can use it against me and all.