Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NCCS - v0.7, Upcoming

Been working on 0.7 off and on. The companions now share XP (toggle-able), and have a settable home marker.

As well, I've been working on the teleporting -- since from what I can glean from the Nexus, people who know nothing about scripting know better than I do how the companions will act in the game.

I added one of the "checks" to the code: one to prevent teleporting in combat. Made it through one fight, and the companion immediate froze up and required a reissue of the follow order to unstick her.

I'd have tested more, but the game also promptly locked up on me. It's done that three times this morning. So much for v1.3 being a reliability improvement.

Nonetheless, I'm going to leave the no-combat-teleporting check in, and add a wholesale teleporting toggle to the new system options menu; because hey, what the fuck do I know? I just wrote the system from the ground up and have more hours logged on it than a hundred normal players. I'm sure people who have seen the word script twice know better than I how it will behave.

Once v0.7 is done (or at least, modifications to the companion scripts are finished), I need to start in on an updated form of the wheel plugin. I've spoken to ttomwv, and he's stuck working ten hours a day, six days a week. No modding time, there; nor in the foreseeable future.

We discussed it, and I'm going to update the plugin to work with v1.3 and the new version of NCCS, and host the plugin in the optional files section of the NCCS entry -- with full credits to ttomwv for its original creation, of course -- and he'll set the ACM wheel addon to hidden so as not to lose his downloads and endorsements. Once his work situation has let up and he's willing and able to mod again, he'll take back over stewardship of the plugin, set the file to viewable; and I'll remove the interim plugin from the NCCS entry.

Depending on how badly my game misbehaves, I may have NCCS v0.7 done enough for upload today.

I still have to learn how the wheel works, exactly; to update the plugin... but it looks straightforward enough.

Then again, once you write something like the NCCS companion management system, many things look simple by comparison.

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm going to go purge that incombat check from my personal companions plugin, and fire the game back up for more testing and swearing in general...


  1. " looks straightforward enough."

    Don't say things like that! Words like those are just asking for the computer gods to take an unwelcome interest in you.

  2. Dude, take a look at my PM box and the NCCS comments thread sometime. If the compu-Gods want to fuck me over any more, they're going to have to put in overtime and probably hire new staff, to boot.

  3. No thanks, I've done tech support in the past, I can imagine what's in your PM box.

    On a related note, I have to wonder if the Nexus will be able to handle the ranting in the new modders-only forum.

    "Our servers can't repel bile of that magnitude!" ;)

  4. Wouldn't worry about that. Nexus moderators don't allow ranting of the serfs at all. Is a bannable offense. If they're feeling generous it's only a strike. "Personal attacks".

  5. Excuse me... but I've been using NCCS for some time now and I find that it's working too well for me.

    Could you please remove some of it's better features so it will feel more like a natural part of this half-assed game?



    Just for you, v0.8 will include "Official mode". WHen active, this cutting edge feature will have your companions get lost constantly, refuse to initiate combat thereby letting you die, and make you suffer through their inane and poorly written quests before agreeing to accompany you!

    Remember, we here at NosCo care about your satisfaction.

  7. ...or should that be: care about your dissatisfaction?

  8. Six of one, half dozen of the other...

  9. Version 0.8 sounds like you're angling for a job at Bethesda or Obsidian.