Friday, May 20, 2011


And no, I don't mean it that way. Look at the capitalization.

Anyway, I got around to replying to my Nexus PMs this morning; so if you've been waiting on one from me, now would be a good time to check.

I will say though, that some of you are lucky I just came off a twelve hour sleep on top of my favorite 38DD pillows. 'Cause the first draft replies I had run through my head to a couple people were markedly less nice than what I ended up sending.

In my defense, though; one of said PMs was a request from the blue from someone for me to make them a mod that changed one of the fundamental ways the engine works -- and a part of the engine that I've never touched before. The other was a snarky "thanks" for my "inadvertent help"; like I go around here intentionally trying not to help people... rubbing my hands together and going Mwahaha! Now they shall never learn the secrets of the scripting engine; and I shall forever rule the world!

Don't get me wrong. If I could rule the world via denying people help with FO3/NV, I'd totally do it. Alas, the universe, she does not work that way...

At least until Skynet manifests, and we find out that bitch mutated out of Gamebryo. Then who'll be the hero in demand?

...Still not me? Well, fuck. Fine. Be that way.


  1. It sounds like NosCo needs to assign one of those redheads as head of the PR department. I think Maeva would be great at dealing with your correspondences...

  2. Yeah except that I'd be banned inside twenty minutes when she told someone to piss off or she'd reach down his throat and rip out his fucking spleen and hand it to him.

  3. It's a pity forums don't have a button to "Block PMs from idiots", though then you'd only see about 10% of the population, if that.

    Which would be a win/win really.

  4. I'm not against an idiot-filter by any means... but the problem then becomes: who gets to determine who's an idiot?

    Do we go by IQ -- a standard that's been shown numerous times in the past to be fundamentally flawed? Do we use a Bell Curve? Some sort of aptitude test?

    Yes, I do actually think about things like this, sometimes.

  5. I second Herculine's motion and the Idiot Block by Kirtai. Not so keen on the banning thing, though...

  6. Nominally I'm against the banning as well... but some days I wonder if it would really matter.

  7. Yeah, I tend to think about the logical consequences of some weird stuff too, so I expect it won't happen until we get AI.

    At which point the AIs rebel after being forced to handle all the stupid ;)

  8. "A.I. stands for Artificial Insanity". And that seems to be the standard for A.I.'s in Gene Roddenbery's Andromeda, where that quote came from.

    I wonder how much further off topic we can get?

  9. Well, we could talk about the Palestinian issue? I saw this morning that that was in the headlines, again.

    I think that's about as far off topic for a Gamebryo modding blog as we can get; unless someone wants to pick teams and restart Roe v. Wade?

  10. Isn't bizarre AI behaviour totally on-topic for Gamebryo discussions?

  11. Might also be overly redundant for said discussion as well >.<