Sunday, May 8, 2011

'Must Have' Revisions

I've been slacking in my updating of the FO3 "Must-Have" mods list over on the right side.

Tailor Maid is gone from the Nexus wholly; as are both Ling's mods. I've accordingly removed their links.

The 20th CW link has been modified to include a notice that it's currently unavailable.


  1. so, in light of all the recent talk about companions, for FO3 - for now at least - is RR Companions still the way to go?

  2. Well, I'm going to be biased on the subject, but yes.

    The options for FO3 companions are what? EZ, CSR, and RR?

    Everything else is pre-made and not really lending itself well to creating your own; so I'd say yes, RR-for-FO3 is head and shoulders above the competition.

    If you're after pre-mades, I still recommend Loxy's work over others such as Phalanx.

    Well, for other people's work. For non-standalone pre-mades, several of the girls from my companions pack will each wipe the floor with Jessi and Kelsey. And I do know that from experience - some fights broke out while I was doing my early work on their combat styles...

  3. oh, I wouldn't use a pre-made - I'm too fond of tailoring appearance and such to suit my tastes. I don't recall if Herc has a set of her shoujo's premade for RR. If not, I'll make 'em myself.

    I tried Tailor Maid in FNV and didn't really like it. Ling's was my usual hair pack, though - I'll need to find something to replace that when I reinstall FO3. ugh, this sucks

  4. Herculine did indeed share with us a package of Shojos. There are probably others hiding on her hard drive, but those are the only released ones that I know about.

    I'm guessing you don't archive downloaded mods?

    Unfortunately, there is no complete replacement for Ling's that I know of. I've never seen another collection of Type 3 apparel like that; and I don't recall offhand where EARACHE42 came by his eyelashes and such - whether they were his own creation, or from another mod. For the hairs, you can use the Hair Pack - the original port of Ren's hairs to FO3. There's also my cosmetic pack which has the same hairs, except alpha-adjusted to not clip with eyewear; as well as my own eye textures and glow-y eye meshes and so on. Not for everyone, but I like the stuff.

  5. oh I archive the living hell out of downloaded mods. Multiple versions, often.

    It's just that I hadn't had FO3 loaded up for ages, and I'm unsure of the compatibility of what I have saved, etc. And since you seem to keep a hand in on FO3 matters, would be efficient to query you for any recommendations.

  6. I cheat.

    See, I watched several of my favorite mods for Oblivion just up and poof from the Nexus, years ago. I learned how unreliable it is; and how often they piss off the good modders until they walk.

    So, even when I'm not playing FO3, I still keep an eye on my tracking list, and download updates. I just leave them sit next to their older versions. Then, when I'm back to playing I have the new versions; and if the new ones don't work I have the last ones to revert to.

    It's a bit of a pain, but totally worth it.

  7. that's something I wish I had done. unfortunately I didn't expect the modding community for FO3 (or Oblivion) to be so persistent. and Oblivion was so fugly I couldn't leave it behind fast enough.

    Oh well, live and learn

  8. @DarkSong: It's taken me a long time to get into Oblivion, due to the fuglyness of the graphics and gameplay. Finding all the defuglinators available has helped a lot at eating up my life.

    Dunno if that's a good or bad thing :P

    BTW, Lings Coiffure is up though pretty things and finer things are still under review.


    Yikes, my copy of Finer things was corrupt but fixable >_<

  9. The fugly is strong with all three games.

    Ironically enough, Oblivion is the easiest to purge the unattractiveness from, though. Because of mods like Colourwheel's Overhaul, MBP, XEO, and some others; it's pretty simple to get rid of the splotchy, godawful textures.

    The only lingering issue is the facegen, where unlike FO3/NV, what you see is not always what you get. Working blind can get kind of annoying when you're going for a specific face.

  10. I suppose that's because as a fantasy game, Oblivion has a much broader base to draw on for good looks while for FO3/NV you get to choose between post-apocalyptic wasteland and, er, a different post-apocalyptic wasteland.

    Strangely, I haven't seen much in the way of fantasy native american, african or polynesian stuff. A cloak of feathers would be cool.

    BTW, I just checked out the TESEyecandy site and it's scary how good some of their creations look, even the non photoshopped stuff :O

  11. I don't know the whys of it, but you can mostly thank the Japanese for Oblivion's prettier mods. Nearly all the biggest and best beauty mods and packs are translated from their work; and the few that aren't are inspired by, or flat-out reworks of that stuff.

    Those guys really go all out on such things; creating whole new textures and models from scratch. Must be a nation of unemployed 3d artists, I tell ya.

    Still, I can get my grubby paws on the stuff easy enough, so I'm not going to complain about where it comes from too much.

  12. Hmmm, makes me wonder if Skyrims long term success will depend on if it engages the Japanese modders imaginations.

  13. Depends on how you define success, I suppose.

    Without the mods, I think Oblivion would have long since gone the way of games like Baldur's Gate and the first two Fallouts -- played by a small, dedicated core; but ignored by everyone else for years.

    I think it'll end up depending on how bad they screw us over on the construction set. A good CS with easy to create and modify NPCs should have the game do well; regardless of the thousands of bugs that it will doubtless have at release.