Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NCCS - v0.7, Uploaded

*V0.7: Fixed some omitted code in one of the "Split up" options to prevent loss of items in companion backpacks.

Enabled the NCCS System Options menu in dialogue.

Modified the companion scripts again. Gave companions the ability to share XP from their kills with you, without the wheel being implemented. This can be toggled from the system menu. XP sharing defaults to enabled.

Added "Go Home" option to the split up menu choices. "Set Home" may be found in the system menu. Go home order will only appear after you've set home at least once.

Teleporting code modified. Extra check added to prevent teleportation of companions during combat. Teleporting on the whole has been made optional, and can be toggled from the system menu. Be aware that without teleporting enabled, companions will not be able to follow you into casinos other than the Lucky 38; the cocktail lounge and penthouse of the Lucky 38; across the river to the Legion side, and several other places. As well, companions without teleporting enabled are more prone to getting lost; being delayed moving through cell-change doors; and getting stuck when combat ends. Teleporting defaults to enabled.

Companion scripts also modified to apply the proper combat style when the companion enters combat. This should end any issues with companions displaying incorrect combat behavior for their class. New combat styles added for the ranged classes, that will enable the companion to improve in skill and general effectiveness as their skill rises.

Combat styles themselves have received an overhaul that should have companions behave more realistically. Too many changes to go into deep detail.

Updated my premade companions pack to fix an override it had, keeping the backpack option from showing correctly in the equipment menu. It should work fine, now.

Herculine's companions pack is still removed, pending her decision on what to do about the now-missing resources.


  1. "Herculine's companions pack is still removed, pending her decision on what to do about the now-missing resources."

    I still haven't come to a final conclusion there, and the RR Scouts for FO3 are still blocked by my choosing as well. Actually I haven't given it much thought, being busy with other pursuits and all. Only time and the phases of the moon and other astral alignments will tell, I suppose...

  2. Don't feel pressured. I wasn't suggesting you have to decide in a hurry -- or even anytime in the immediate future -- I just wanted to be sure and include a note as to why I didn't have your pack in the master archive.