Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So, 0300 this morning, I get a PM. Help help my game is broken et cetera et cetera.

Rather than send info in the PM, or post to the NCCS entry; he creates a new topic in the New Vegas Mod Troubleshooting forum.

Almost no information given; and the second half of the problem with NCCS... has nothing to do with NCCS, and is questions about custom textures for the player.

If I have any friends left in the audience, will one of you please just shoot me in the fucking face? There is no way this is going to end well. No support request that includes a smiley ends well. Ever. Requests for help where the requester is too lazy to spell out the word "character" even less often.

No, I don't know how less than zero is possible either; but it is. Trust me on this.

Man, I need suddenly need a fix...

(Of course, blasting that new Within Temptation album though my trusty SE210s is knocking the edge off a bit)


  1. I read the forum post. Ummm, yah...*shakes head* Some people should not be allowed access to the internet, let alone a computer.

    Aren't you glad you went shopping for music recently?

  2. this isn't "alphaman94" for his NCCS Vanilla Companions mod, is it?

  3. @Darksong: No, not as far as I know. Although the name of the mod alone is telling me not to ask any questions.

    @Druuler: No, not really. Just giving me the urge to delete it all again. I really wish that urge would either go all the way, or go away. This in the middle stuff is a pain.

  4. he's cloned 24 NPC's and made them into customized NCCS companions that he's made changes to the code.

    "Last Thing: I don't use the default "name" script of the NCCS system for compatibility issues with another mod. So the "ACM NCCS Companion Wheel" dont work with this mod."

    So they've tinkered with the code to suit their purposes. He's planning on releasing another 48 in the future.

    If he comes to you asking help, he deserves to be smited with Grendel. :|

  5. "Grendel"? I assume you are refering to the assault rifle (multi-purpose, yes?), and not the Beowolf monster or the comic book character?

    Just checking.

  6. "Last Thing: I don't use the default "name" script of the NCCS system for compatibility issues with another mod."

    ...There are other mods that use the script name NCCSCompanionScript01...?

    Gods, another one. Well, thanks for the heads-up. I'll keep in mind to deny tech support to that person.

    (note to self: make more changes to the companion scripts to fuck over people who tried to get cute and copy and modify them)

    As for smiting: I saw the new Thor movie in 3d the other day, and I'm thinking Mjollnir would be much more satisfying to smite with.

  7. oh fug, I forgot I've never mentioned my Grendel before. There's a stupid pistol that was made call the C.O.P. 357 - a 4-barreled box gun one step above a derringer that fires .357magnum rounds, and you can select to fire 1, 2 or all 4 barrels at once. Combine that with max powder handloads, and you have idiocy to fire all 4 barrels, and a serious dose of pain.

    Haven't seen Thor yet, and will probly wait for DVD/BD release - never was much of a fan of Thor.

    Gave the warning as a service to a modder whose work I enjoy and respect. When I saw he had tinkered with the NosCo system, I figure it's only a matter of time till the WAAAHmbulance comes calling.

  8. "Gave the warning as a service to a modder whose work I enjoy and respect."

    Aw c'mon, yer gonna make me blush...

    Also: COP! I saw one of them at the gun show on Saturday. Ridiculously expensive for what it is (price tag was up over $900), but with as few as were made, I suppose it is a collector's item.

    Also also: I wasn't a fan of comic-book Thor either; but the super hero movies they're making these days are getting pretty cool. Plus, after the unrepentant cool that was Iron Man I and II, I had a little bit of faith built up in the makers' ability to pull off a fun movie. I was not disappointed. Chris Hemsworth must have spent some serious time in the gym for the movie, though. Dude was ripped. Not quite 300 level ripped, but certainly a big change from skinny Doctor Chase.

    As I said: never read the comics, so it may be total sacrilege to actual fans; but as a stand-alone movie it was mindless fun.

    Saw previews before it for the Green Lantern flick, which I'm torn on. On the one hand, it looks cool, too... but on the other I hate Ryan Reynolds and want him to be barred from ever starring in a movie again. That rambling unfunny humor of his wasn't amusing ten years ago; and hasn't gotten better with age by any means.

  9. give respect where it's due. You do good work, you cause pain to yourself trying to help the undeserving (IMNSHO) and you haven't yet exploded and earned the banz0r from the nexus. kudos to you!

    Ok, I might go see Thor for the same reason I enjoyed the Transformers movies - don't care about staying canon, and I wanna see a rippin' good time

    Dr. Chase ? from House ? if so, wrong actor

    I'm torn on Green Lantern too - dumb character, either can't effect anything yellow, or his batteries run out at the wrong time. yay?

  10. Huh. I think you're right. Could've sworn it was him... the voice is identical; hair color, everything... but no mention of it here. Must be the accent throwing me off.