Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NCCS - Nos' Carrie Companion

I decided today to upload one of my personal NCCS companions.

I've referenced Carrie on several occasions now. She's a companion I created; essentially using the tutorial's basic method; to function as a test for NCCS -- to show me the mod in similar conditions as you'd experience if you know jack shit about companion making, and just followed the instructions in the guide.

A lot of you will likely find her underwhelming. No custom hair or eyes; nor custom race. No special scripts or combat style. No Pip-Boy plugin, no recall item; not even a tracking quest. She's just your basic companion. Still, there does seem to be a shortage of moderately attractive redheads for NCCS.

If interested, you may download her here. This is another of those reader rewards mods that won't ever be uploaded to the Nexus.

A readme is included in the archive with starting location, install details, and all that jazz.


  1. Nice of you to share something (someone?) else, Nos. A pity I'm not playing New Vegas :(

  2. Sorry, I don't really have any un-uploaded RR companions to share, or I probably would.

  3. It's alright... its not like I really need anymore companions as it is, lol!

    Especially since I just finished making my Cameron into an RR companion (for use in a friend's comic), plus I've received four other companions for use in "The Phoenix Imperative" and waiting on a fifth. Thanks to your contributions and those of Herculine, well, its no wonder my game stutters and crashes like it does :P

  4. Overpopulating games is one of the driving goals here at NosCo!

    Our motto:

    "NosCo: repopulating the post-apocalyptic world one Shojo... er, one redhead... er, one companion at a time..."

  5. One redheaded Shojo companion at a time, maybe? Lol!

  6. hmmm, redheaded shoujo companion - yep, got one of those those. Colours of the rainbow, so to speak. :D

    thanks for sharing Carrie with us, Nos!

  7. @Herculine:

    Overpopulating games is one of your goals, miss hundred-and-fifty-companions-in-one-plugin.

    I think the highest I ever got was like forty; and that was when I crammed all the RR Vanillas into one mega-plugin for those with overburdened load orders.

    Also: interestingly enough, I don't think I've ever created a single Shojo. Had to mess with resources a bit to get the mod working; but never did do any companions of my own using it that I can think of.

    Am sorely tempted by one of the mini-elf races in Oblivion, though...

  8. The mini-elves are alarmingly cute. For some reason, the mod that makes their ears move to reflect their feelings just makes them complete.

    Thanks for Carrie, just started FNV and already modding it (mostly to make the chars look less fugly) :)

  9. Yeah, it's the ears, man. The lop-elves, and the various kitty-races. The ears...

    Damn my history of watching too much anime!

    Also: for FNV, I prefer Wasters Overhaul, which requires Mikoto's Beauty Pack.

    Not XEO level improvements, but nonetheless is a marked improvement over standard FNV NPC looks.

  10. @Nos: Actually, it was 120 in the first and 30 more in the second, but I'm just nitpicking and getting myself in over my head. So I'll just duck out now before you send the Redheaded Demon Squad after me... *runs*

  11. I wouldn't do that. Do you have any idea how much hard liquor I have to buy to get them to carry out a hit?

    I'm not made of money, here.

  12. @Nos: Thanks for the recommendations, and for reminding me of my backlog of anime I've yet to watch.

    @Druuler: 150 companions? How do you even move? :)

    Hmm, now I'm thinking of mini-elves with automatic weapons together with shojos in Fallout but that's probably a lot of hard work. Would be amusing to see though :)

  13. @Nos: Lucky me :)

    @Kirtai: Lol! I definately don't have all of Herculine's Scouts with me at once. Trying that would cause an instant CTD as soon as the game tried to start rendering >.< I sometimes have trouble moving just after transitioning to an interior cell with four companions in tow. It doesn't help that the Amy Wong companion likes to hire bodyguards, usually three at a time O.o

  14. @Druuler:

    Actually, unless you've made a plugin that changes the game settings, you couldn't take all 150 at once anyway.

    When I re-worked RR, I reset the "number of actors allowed to follow player" game setting to 99. Mostly as a joke; since the engine can't usually take anything over a dozen or so without becoming crash-happy. Er... more so than usual, I mean.

    Unless you're playing the game on Deep Blue or something.

    My record is... seven? I think. When I was being brilliant and squashing the last of the prolific following bugs in RR, I ran a stress test with all of my personal companions, plus a few extras. Did some following tests, some open area combat, and cleared Vault... 106? One of them. Anyway, it was the "Progress" series of posts, November '09 if you want to read it for some reason.

  15. I need to try this on my new rig, once I stop messing around with mods and actually play the game for once -_-

  16. @Nos: Sort of figured there would be some sort of limit in place. And if there are around 40 companions in the RR Vanilla Companions pack (haven't counted them), my RR Companions count is easily 200 all but two of the "guest stars" for my comic being built on that platform.

    Might be disturbing to see how many companions I actually have available in total in my archive...

  17. At last count (which was sometime around the time Herculine released her mega-pack) I knew of about two hundred forty companions publicly available using the RR system. That's been awhile though; so who knows, now.