Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Request

Okay, I wasn't going to bug you guys about this; but Herculine's speedy finding of some of that Guyver stuff in the last post made me think there might be good odds at least someone in the audience would know...

I got it into my head the other morning to create an Aeris/Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII) companion for Oblivion. I thought I had seen one before, thought I had the hair mesh... but no.

I'm not sure if it was in a previous install, and I've since lost the files; or if I'm just off my fucking rocker again and never did have them.

I've searched the Nexus, and run a couple Google searches as well; with no results. Lots of tutorials on how to cosplay as her... no hair meshes for Oblivion. Found her staff over on PlanetElderScrolls... but that wasn't really something I was worried about...

Kind of odd, really - I have two Tifa Lockheart companions for CM, and I'm pretty sure there are others out there that I didn't bother to download. I've seen her outfits in Oblivion, FO3, and now FONV as well.

But no love for the flower girl?

Guess it's true what they say: most guys really are all about the tits.


I found a hair in my myriad race installs that looks sort of similar... but I was hoping for a specific model - I mean, we have hairs for Tifa, Cloud, and that bishie-emo nutbar Sephiroth... so why not Aeris, too?

So, if someone knows of the hair meshes' existence, and could point me in the correct direction in the form of a download/file/forum topic link for either standalone hair, or a complete companion, I'd be much grateful.

In fact, if the pointing-to is just the hair meshes, I'll be happy to share the completed companion once she's ready to go.

I'm not even going to bother asking about a mesh for her dress...


  1. "most guys really are all about the tits"

    Surely just as many are about the ass?

    Google only shows Sims stuff for Aerith alas

  2. meh, silly Aeris. best part of FF7 was when Sephiroth skewered her like a pig. *maniacal laughter*

    Sorry about that, my inner psycho-chan escaped for a bit there. :P Never been fond of the FF games, but I will admit to enjoying the Advent Children movie, if only for the motorcycles.

    I'll ask the moonspeakers I hang out with in IRC to attempt to look into those resources to see if we can find the hairstyle for your little flower girl. ^_^

  3. Aren't all the Final Fantasy hairstyles in Ling's Coiffure? I'm certain I used some of them on the RR Scouts.

  4. I don't even know why I like her, really. Aeris got very little character development. I recall her being impaled at the end of Disc 1; which would leave her in less than 25% of the game.

    Still... she had kind of a pure, unshakable thing going on. Plus, she had way more grace than that bar-girl.

    I would say that Final Fantasy VIII was the better game; but I get the urge to CHOKE THE HOLY LIVING SHIT OUT OF SQUALL EVERY TEN MINUTES. Whiny little shit.

    Thus far, X-2 has had the least annoying protagonists - probably because they're all female.

  5. Posted while I was typing, eh Herculine? Fine, be that way.

    I'll take a look; but I don't remember seeing hers. Not that it would work straight-across, since they're different heads.

    ...Where'd I put that copy of the conformulator...?

  6. Yes... unless I'm terribly mistaken, I believe that's the Aeris hairstyle on Carol Donneley.

    For your personal mods, you've ported hairs from one game to the other before, correct?

  7. Well I'll be damned.


    FO3 must be where I remember seeing it from.

    I've never converted hairs between games, no. I used Ren's hairs a lot which of course were converted -- but not by me.

    You're a useful Neko to have around, have I mentioned that lately?

    I'll see if I can find a copy of a the conformulator that actually works...

  8. Glad to be of help.

    I'm still keeping an eye out for that Guyver armor.

  9. Oh? Are we a fan, or just eager to please?

  10. Ugh.

    I remember now what a piece of shit the conformulator is. I don't think I've ever once gotten it to run successfully; and this morning is no exception.

  11. And you know, the thought rather forcibly occurs that had they not pushed EARACHE42 until he asked for a ban, I could have simply sent a PM, asking where he got the goddamned file to begin with; thus leading me to the original Oblivion file so I would not have to putz around with a converter...

  12. Update aaaaaaagain. I did finally track down where the Aerith hair came from for Ling's, through the credits readme and some judicious search engining.

    Trouble is, it appears to be an original creation for FO3 specifically; and not a ported Oblivion hair. So it's either convert or bust.

  13. unpossible, Aeris has no bust. ;P

    Sorry, resident Aeris hater here. Not fond of FF, but if I had to pick, Lulu would be my fave - she's the only FF character I actually have a figure of

    Yeah, there's Aeris and kid Aeris styles available for FNV. but Oblivion stuff, I leave to you experts.

  14. Hurray for persistance! Good luck with the conversion...

  15. The first time I saw Aerith die I cried, and again when Cloud placed her in the lake.

    Hey! I was twelve years old!

  16. @Darksong: Lulu? *coughslutcough* But hey, I suppose some people do like their women pre-broken in... Cuts down on your workload overall?

    @Herculine: I didn't cry, but I did wonder more than once why lovely and mature Aerith got impaled, but we had to put up with that little bitch Yuffie for the entire damned game?

    @Druuler: Persistence blew up in my face once again. I'll spare everyone the details; but as-is, the model cannot be used in Oblivion -- even once I got the conformulator to work. Since I don't know how to convert it in blender, the project is back to zero.

  17. @Nos: Could that be because if Yuffie died you'd be "Thank god she's gone"?

  18. @Kirtai:

    Not so much. I try not to bother Elder powers of Darkness with things as petty as video games. They're busy people, y'know. No reason to annoy them.

  19. Now you've got me wondering what kind of video games Elder Powers would play, and what kind of mods they'd make.
    and if we're NPCs in their games O_O

  20. Yeah, to learns me that one. And Nifscope as well. Joy...

  21. @Kirtai: I believe we refer to the game as "the world". Past mods have included the firearm, splitting the atom, air travel, space travel...

    Just watch out for those events. The Black Death was a bitch of a server reset, I hear.

    @Druuler: Good luck. I looked into it, and learning 3d modeling well enough to create meshes and textures for Gamebryo looked to be about a two-year college course worth of work. Let alone doing your own animations or poses.

    Not worth it to me; but the community is always after new modelers, so if you learn I'm sure you'll be quite popular.