Monday, November 22, 2010

Completely Unrelated

I just wanted to note that we're moving into my favorite time of year, here in the northern hemisphere.

Last night, it was 28F, with an odd inch of powdery snow on the ground.

My window? Open fully; with a fan sitting in it running full blast.

I awoke this morning to what was left of my glass of tea being colder than when I left it on the desk.

You know, back when I drank such things, I actually had a half can of Coke freeze on my desk once? Seriously. Woke up to a half a can of Coke-flavored slurpee.

Not only is it the only time of year I sleep halfway decent, but it's complete anathema to the human wretches around me; who skitter indoors to huddle around woodstoves and lay on flat rocks under sunlamps - complaining the entire way that "there's no logical reason it should be so excruciatingly cold." I wish I was kidding about that last part.

Probably good for my PC hardware too, now that I think of it...


  1. It is good for the computer as long as it's not a damp cold, but you didn't need me to tell you that. I'm one of those humans huddled around the warm rock...

  2. One of the benefits of having a working temperature regulator, I suppose.

    How did all you people end up without one? That was supposed to be part of that whole 'warm blooded' evolutionary arm...

    Regardless, you've got to look at it from a different angle: Freezing Fucking Cold in the bedroom means snuggling under a fur blanket with SO with complete impunity. Get it cold enough, and not only will you never overheat; but you'll be actively encouraged to stay closer just to avoid the drafts of freezing air that invariably work themselves up under the blanket.

    Anything can be turned to romance if you just work the angles correctly.

    ...but yeah, window open + fan on + 28F outside + getting out of shower = teh suq. Srsly.